Batman: Vengeance Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading - this is Mr. Freeze
Bad guys must be cuffed or else they recover
Fighting may not be as easy as it seems due to controls
You can hide but i haven't used it, i like to fight
Getting closer to Mr. Freeze
Thats how you can pass lasers
Game is very dark but there is a brightness control
If you can't use Batgrapple or you can't jump that high then you have to use ladders
The inventory and gadgets screen
Batgirl can be called anytime for helpful...uhm... "advice" as this
Aiming your batgrapple in the first-person view...
..and there we go! Eat it Spidey!
Batman vs the Joker! This is it!
Now THAT'S a large font!!
Moving platforms... great...
Holy ice-pants Batman!!
Chasing Mr. Freeze through the skies of Gotham City
Uh... is this still a Batman game??
Puzzle time!
Sneaky Batman hugs the walls
The dark knight strikes a pose
It wouldn't be a Batman game if it didn't have a Batmobile sequence
Aiming as Batgirl while Batman drives.
Bats can extend his cape and glide a bit