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Battle Engine Aquila Credits

Designed and Developed by Lost Toys

Project ManagerJeremy Longley
Creative DirectorDarren Thomas
Technical DirectorGlenn Corpes
Lead Game ProgrammingStuart Gillam
ProgrammingGlenn Corpes, John Treece-Birch, Ben Carter, Richard Smith, Heremy Longley
Additional ProgrammingMark Feldman, Jan Svarovsky, Matt Taylor
Lead DesignAlex Trowers
DesignJim Thompson
Lead ArtistJeremy Elford
ArtDarren Thomas, Neil Gartell, Dylan Murray, Chris Young, David Cathro, Nick McMahon, Michael McCarthy, Alex Cave, Kate Kerrigan
Additional ArtMark Pitcher, Edmund Perryman, Ron Ong, Joel Kemp, John Kershaw, Christian Bradley
Graphic DesignTze Lim (of Subliminal Influence)
Storyboard ArtistNeil Maguire
MusicNathan McCree (for Nathan McCree Music Production Limited)
SoundNathan McCree (for Nathan McCree Music Production Limited)
Voice TalentBradley Lavelle, Rob Brown, Amanda Mealing, Sean Chapman
Special ThanksLes Edgar, John Cook, Alison Beasley
ThanksMike Man, Andrew Trowers, Ben Board, Simon Handby, Martin Griffiths, Morten Pedersen, Jenny Graham, Philip Elford, Oliver Hecks, Mike Pawley, GGDev

Encore Credits

Development Manager/ProductionKevin Hoekman
QA SupervisorFadi Awed
QA TeamAndrew Simpson, Ron Duke, Omar Castillion
Vice President of MarketingJill Griffin
Vice President of Licensing & Business DevelopmentRichard Lowenthal
Director of PC MarketingBetsi Shepherd
Director of Public RelationsLinda Duttenhaver
Product Marketing ManagerDennis Roy, Candice Uyloan
Creative Services ManagerThom Dohner
Special ThanksMichael Bell, Ken Sepulveda, Dave Worle, Dawn & Brittany

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kotario (133) and formercontrib (159125)