Battle Group Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence
Title screen
Main menu
The briefing at the start of the first mission
When hit, the sides of the screen turn red.
Mission complete: three stars earned.
Browsing the upgrades of the Cyclone ship.
Red circles show where a missile will be fired.
Multiple incoming attacks, you'll have to tap or click furiously.
A first support ship shows off its firepower, targeting a flying squadron.
Two large planes appear.
Commander Kelly meets a pirate commander.
The map with the overall mission progress
The support ship is about to sink here.
An escort mission with a furious ending.
Half of the regular and the support ships has been unlocked here.
Overall progress in the medal screen
The Oliver Hazard Perry warship has two means of attack and can take on more opponents.
Fighting helicopters and jets launching from this platform.