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Battle Mages Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Your life as a mage is about to begin...
The Wizard's Tower in the intro movie
The spirit/ghost of the king leaves his body in the intro movie
Level loading screen
Level introduction... The Magical Crystal you must find
Level introduction... A meeting of mages
Your character's information sheet
Your spell book... spells vary depending on what kind of mage you are
Summoning a magical spirit to help your troops
You can zoom right in on your troops if you want to see them close up ... or any other part of the world
Casting a spell in battle results in a "fire ring" mouse pointer
Water in the game has ripples and reflections as well as fish!
Blood sprays during battles as you can see in the middle of the screen
Your troops have stats that you can view. As they gain in experience, their stats improve and you can eventually Improve them to a new class.
The Paladins troop is a Swordsmen troop that has been Improved
Here is a town in the game... as well as a great view of the varied terrain and fog effects for distant land
Towns let you buy troops, get quests, and more
Your quest screen allows you to see all quests, or only quests that are not yet completed
Artifacts that improve your troops can be obtained and added to each troop
Enemies can be much larger than your own troops as you can see here
Find places like this around the map to try and get good experience ... but watch out for fairies and other creatures which will attack you and can be very deadly
Winning a level
The Paladins are eager to fight, often raising their swords with a hearty "Yeah!"
My tiny army approaches the zombie graveyard.
A horrible battle against the forces of the undead
Moldering zombie mages shoot poison from afar.