Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 Credits


Program Concept & Lead DevelopmentDerek K. Smart
DesignDerek K. Smart
Project ManagementDerek K. Smart
ProducerDerek K. Smart
3000AD Development TeamDerek K. Smart, H. P. Rushworth, Gerhard Skronn, Jim Marinis
3D World Object DatabaseJack Snyder, James Dargie
2D Screens & AnimationsTroy Paradise, Jodi DeGeorge, Henry Borrasso, Phil Robb
Additional ArtworkCrista Forest, Chris Morack
MusicSound Planet, Michael Goodis, George Alistair Sanger, David Govett
Sound FXSound Planet, Michael Goodis, George Alistair Sanger, David Govett
Quality AssuranceDerek K. Smart
ManualDerek K. Smart
Manual Layout / Format AssistancePaul Edward Cooper, Andrew Vogel
Manual Graphics & DesignMichael L. Quintos
TestingAaron Leiby, Andre Frey, Anthony Kenitzki, Bill Bradley, Bill Waldheim, Bruce Durham, Bud Wacaser, Cato Dolvik, Chris Snowden, Dara Gault, Darryl Coombs, Doug Blue, Eric Pinnel, Giancarlo Lenzi, Hector Socas Navarro, James Cobb, Jerry Masty, John Anderson, John Bach, John Howell, John Minton, John Stegenga, Jon Ballinger, Kenneth Riehle, Kevin Hart, Lawrence Smith, Mano Faber, Marc Gagnon, Marc Ward, Nicholas Dogris, Norman Wanzer, Paul Edward Cooper, Philip Hansen, Ralph Hilton, Rick Gridley, Robert Baldwin, Robert Curran, Robert Hentschke, S. Fong, Thomas Slone, Todd Hyland, Travis Oates, Wayne St. Onge, and everyone else that joined later on...

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159455), Kic'N (4348) and Michael Dionne (285)