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Battlecruiser Millennium (Gold Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Game's title screen and main menu
The game configuration screens allow the resolution, sound, controller and action keys to be changed
The training / tutorial missions are based on the different types of career path that are available
The Space Force Marine training mission involves flying around the space station in a jet pack. Occasionally some stars would leave traces across the screen which was mildly distracting.
It's only when the character is viewed from an alternate viewpoint that you realise just how big the gun actually is
The Mobile Infantry Marine training mission sees the player driving around a gloomy plant in some kind of jeep. There's lots of information on the three panels and more is available via action keys
In an Elite Forces Marine all terrain vehicle. This screen shot shows the mouse activated menu system. 'Drive to' was selected in Menu 1, 'Friendly objects' from menu 2, now there's a list
Selecting the tactical map in the vehicle brings up the entire planet....
From the tactical map it is possible to zoom in on a location or even an individual vehicle
The Elite Forces all terrain vehicle
The tactical map has an optional grid. The player can zoom in & out and can use the mouse to drag it around the screen
Tracking ships shows their current direction by putting a line of green chevrons behind them
The Gold version of the game has 45 instant action scenarios which is 20 more than the standard game. All the new scenarios take place in a new galaxy.
Starting a new campaign. There is one new ACM, Advanced Campaign Mode, in the Gold version of this game