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Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Eagle's nest mission loading screen
From the top of the mountain, the German troops control the battlefield
You can use several artillery pieces on the map.
Protecting the road while American forces advance to the front line.
Using the mounted gun over a German tank.
German base on top of the hill
Essen Mission loading screen
In the Essen mission, German troops need to defend the city while British troops attack from air.
Hellendoorn Mission loading screen
Hellendoorn map and troops selection
Natter Rocket Plane, one of the German "secret weapons" ready to be used.
Flying the Natter Rocket plane.
V2 launch site
Kbely air base map
Horton HO229 cockpit
Mimoyecques loading screen
Flying a German Horton HO229 over the enemy base.
C47 flying over the village. The enemy soldiers can spawn on this aircraft and use the parachute.
The American Armstrong Whitworth AW-52
F85 Goblin ready for take off.
Piloting a F85 Goblin.
After an encounter with the enemy, the F85 Gobling dives into the sea.
Peenemünde map and character selection
Natter Rocket Plane cockpit
Wasserfall guided Rocket ready to be launched, you can control those rockets against the enemy bombers.
Telemark mission map
C47 Troops transport, while this aircraft is flying you can use as spawn point as well.
Firing from the mounted gun on the C47.
Troops jumping over the enemy base.
The German Sturmtiger
Firing the Sturmtiger cannon upon the enemy soldiers.
Sherman tank with T-34 Calliope
Using the AA gun on the T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank.
T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank with AA Gun
Main gun creating a fire barrier over the enemy on the T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank