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Good expansion pack. sbikerbud (10) unrated

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (17 votes) 3.6

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Computer Active (Apr 03, 2003)
You a need the original game to use The Road to Rome but that's reflected in the £20 price tag of this expansion pack. Road to Rome adds six new maps to the game, as well as eight new vehicles, new weapons and both French and Italian forces. We'll skip the mechanics of Battlefield 1942 here, since the game was reviewed in issue 123. Suffice to say that teamwork is essential for the 'capture the flag' style of play and as first-person shooters go, this is one of the most maturely presented and consequently most involving.
UOL Jogos (Mar 14, 2003)
Por um preço menor, "Road to Rome" é praticamente indispensável para o fã de "Battlefield 1942" - especialmente com apopularização de seus mapas em muitos servidores.
All in all, gamers in love with BF42 should grab RTR. The one or two gamers on the planet who actually played BF42 and didn’t like it won’t find anything in the expansion pack to change their minds unless they have a fetish about Italy in the 1940s. It may be the same game but it’s the same kick-ass game, and that’s good enough for me.
92 (Mar 26, 2003)
I guess this is going to be one of the easiest reviews to write, an add-on of a very succesfull game. First of all, I feel compelled to give some background information. The original Battlefield 1942 was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2002, promising loads of drivable vehicles (tanks, jeeps, artillery,… ), several flyable airplanes and 5 classes of soldiers to chose from. And if that wasn’t enough, add the very best top-notch state-of-the-art WWII multiplayer fun. Those of you who played the game already know its many strongpoints … and its (few) weaknessess.
IGN (Jan 31, 2003)
Level design is supremely awesome. The new weapons, though arguably making things worse, still add something new and different. The vehicles add a completely new strategic dimension to play. Some tanks are less effective and thus people need to be more effective. More emphasis is placed on artillery and thus more emphasis is placed on coordination. Going back, it's the levels that bring it all together. The end result is an experience that remains intact, but plain better than before. That feel, that rush, that intensity... It's all here.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2003)
Road to Rome ist rundum gelungen, denn die neuen Karten strotzen wieder nur vor taktischen Möglichkeiten. Und auch wenn die meisten frischen Einheiten und Waffen nichts grundlegend Neues bieten, runden sie das Bild doch angemessen ab. Was ich allerdings weniger toll finde, ist der Umfang: Sechs Karten, neue Einheiten – das war es? Wo ist die neue Kampagne für einsame PC-Soldaten ohne Internet? Andere Firmen machen aus diesem Addon einen kostenlosen Download, um die treuen Fans zu belohnen und das Programm am Leben zu halten.
PC Gamer (Apr, 2003)
On paper, it may not look like much. And the fact that the infamous "machine-gun loop" audio bug is still here sucks, quite frankly. But Rome is $20 well spent for anyone who enjoys the thrills of BF 1942. You'll get dozens of hours of gripping new battles and it'll work out to quarters on the hour for the fun you get out of it.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2003)
Digital Illusions heeft het beste multiplayer spel van het moment nóg beter gemaakt! Een zeer knappe prestatie!
GameSpot (Feb 06, 2003)
If you were, for some reason, hell-bent on finding something terribly wrong with The Road to Rome, you might consider how much value it offers for the money. The Road to Rome carries a very modest retail price of $20, and though it adds only six new maps and nine new vehicles, these additions definitely justify the purchase price. The Road to Rome adds even more great gameplay in the form of more-balanced maps and more-balanced vehicles to an already enjoyable game. If you're a fan of Battlefield 1942, you owe it to yourself to get The Road to Rome as well.
GameSpy (Feb 04, 2003)
There's an argument to be made that The Road to Rome is just more-of-the-same; that it's just a few new maps and vehicles tossed in a box. In this case, I'd disagree: the maps manage to retain the same level of balance and excitement as the original game, while including some new twists to keep things interesting. For a game that won our award for Best Multiplayer Game of 2002, that's a job well done.
87 (Feb 11, 2003)
As it stands, Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome represents the very essence of the Electronic Arts style of publishing - it displays an evolutionary style improvement over its predecessor, and I've no doubt we'll see continued progress in this excellent series.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb, 2003)
Zwar fahren die Entwickler von Digital Illusions nur das Standardprogramm auf der Road to Rome. Ich hätte mich beispielsweise über eine erweiterte Solokampagne und intelligentere Bots gefreut. Oder über ein Realismus-Upgrade, das die teils unecht wirkende Spielphysik verbessert. Aber die sechs neuen Schlachtfelder lassen mehr als genug Raum, um sich die nächsten Wochen wieder mal so richtig im Internet auszutoben. Und insbesondere die beiden Jagdbomber und das deutsche Sturmgeschütz sind eine herausfordernde, willkommene Abwechslung zu den bekannten Waffen. Wer Battlefield 1942 immer noch regelmäßig spielt, braucht das offizielle Add-on unbedingt, zumal 15 Euro nicht die Welt sind und die bislang erhältlichen Fan-Erweiterungen den Spielspaß des Hauptprogramms noch nicht erreichen.
Als je om één of andere reden niet overtuigd bent van de waarde van deze The Road to Rome, kijk dan eens naar prijskaartje van deze bundel. Voor ongeveer 25 euro krijg je 6 nieuwe kaarten, een veelheid aan bijzonder kewle voertuigen en een berg nieuwe spelervaringen. Als je een fan van Battlefield 1942 bent, dan ben je jezelf deze expansie verplicht!
Game Captain (Feb 14, 2003)
Trotz neuer Karten, Fahr- und Flugzeuge sowie Waffen bietet Road to Rome dennoch dasselbe Feeling wie schon die Originalversion. Auch Grafik und Sound haben den gleichen, zugegebenermaßen hohen, Standard. Wer Battlefield 1942 immer noch gerne spielt, wird sich über das neue Material freuen, allen anderen kann es egal sein. Ein kleiner Wermutstropfen noch zum Schluss: Mit Road to Rome wird das Originalspiel auf die Version 1.25 gepatcht, eine Version mit der man auf keinem (!) Server spielen kann. Man muss zwingend auf Version 1.3 upgraden und dazu 47 MB downloaden. Wohl dem, der einen schnellen Internetzugang besitzt.
GameZone (Feb 13, 2003)
The new maps and vehicles are worth the 20 bucks. An Italian or French campaign would have been nice but the battle maps are quite fun. If you like the Multiplayer games this is a must have.
The Road to Rome is not a very daring expansion, with battles still limited to two factions and maps that are, in many ways, a step backwards in strategy. At its price, however, it certainly delivers. Anyone who bought Battlefield 1942 for primarily single player action should definitely upgrade as soon as possible, as they will enjoy the sizeable performance boost and scenarios that make the most of the experience with the AI. Fans of multiplayer have a harder decision to make, as it is less of a necessary purchase, but as more servers add maps from the Italian campaign to their lineups, stepping up to the expansion might be a foregone conclusion. At $20, it’s a rather painless one.
Other than the jerks exploiting this imbalance, the only thing to complain about here is a slight stinginess on EA’s part. Most of this could arguably have been a free download, especially since no new name types are offered with the new maps. However, its only $20, and the maps are so much fun that I honestly have had no desire to go back to the originals. That pretty much makes it a must-have in my book. Now. if they would just rebalance those frickin’ planes...
PC Zone Benelux (Mar, 2003)
Als je echt kijkt naar wat je extra krijgt dan is dat niet grensverleggend, maar als je dit weer aanvult met alle klasse van het origineel, kunnen we niet anders stellen dan dat 'The Road to Rome' een fraaie, waardige aanvulling is op BF1942, en voor fans een absolute must. En ik heb zo'n gevoel dat dit nog niet het laatste deel is.
ActionTrip (Feb 05, 2003)
In the end it all comes down to whether or not you're a hardcore fan of the game, or just a casual BF1942 player looking for a bona-fide expansion pack in terms of content and new features. Those of you who were looking for the latter might very well be disappointed (and rightly so). The Road to Rome doesn't offer much quantity, and it's totally lacking finesse in terms of presentation and appearance. You start the game by clicking on 'custom game' and then selecting The Road to Rome option (which is pretty much how you'd start any other free mod), and there are free expansion packs out there that quantitatively offer more content than The Road to Rome (take Digital Extremes' UT2003 bonus pack for example). The fact remains however that true fans will buy the pack and love it. Sure it lacks more content, but what they have in there is well worth their $20 bucks, if for nothing else than for the sheer fun of playing the new and brilliantly designed maps.
Stratos Group (Mar 18, 2003)
Even though only perhaps half of the maps in Road to Rome seem fairly balanced and/or fun, there's no denying the appeal of Battlefield 1942 gameplay: even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. Even when I join games "just for fun", or, say, to take some screenshots for a review, I inevitably wind up sweating through my shirt, screaming at spawn campers, entreating my teammates to please stop camping for planes and actually take a flag, and so on. There's nothing quite like Battlefield 1942 available now, and if you're at all hardcore about it, I recommend you shell out the twenty bucks for Road to Rome (cheap!), patch yourself up to 1.31, and go! go! go!
70 (Feb 15, 2003)
Zwei Herzen wohnen ach in meiner Spielerbrust: das eine schreit empört Zeter und Mordio, weil Road to Rome im Grunde nichts weiter als ein umfangreiches Update ist, das man genauso gut kostenlos unter die Leute hätte bringen können. Ein paar neue (wenn auch sehr gute) Karten, Waffen und Vehikel, sonst nichts Neues an der Front - das ist selbst für 15 Euro ein wenig dünn. Das andere Herz intoniert hingegen: Selbst das wenige schafft es, ein nahezu perfektes Multiplayerspiel nochmals zu verbessern. Es gibt jetzt Taktik- und Action-betontere Karten, die neuen Fahr- und Flugzeuge verbessern die Spielbalance spürbar. Für das nächste Add-On, das so sicher kommt wie das Amen in der Kirche, wünsche ich mir jedoch ein paar neue Spielmodi sowie die längst fällige Verbesserung des nach wie vor mauen Singleplayermodus`. Ansonsten: eine wundervoll runde Sache und ein klarer Pflichtkauf für jeden Battlefield-Fan.
Svenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2003)
Det finns egentligen inget nytt här som förändrar spelets form i någon högre grad, och det ger oss egentligen ingen anledning att åter hetsa upp oss över det spel vi recenserade i höstas – förutom då förstås att det visar att EA är villiga att ge oss mer innehåll i ett spel som vi hoppas kommer fortsätta att etablera sig som en online-favorit. Det enda vi behöver nu är faktiskt en titel som bygger vidare på denna succé men som istället använder sig av gigantiska robotar som slåss om tomatketchup i yttre rymden som koncept... (Nej Jim, det är bara du. Red)
Gameplanet (Feb 10, 2003)
THE WAITING IS OVER and the expansion pack has been unleashed. The content of this pack has been well advertised by Dice so we won't go into too much detail about all the changes - just how the gameplay has changed and whether this is a worthy purchase. So lets get the cursory details out of the way. The expansion features six new maps, four new tanks/tracked vehicles, two new planes, two new guns, several artillery pieces, a bayonet mode for the engineer and medical crates (just like ammo crates in the original but for health) round out the mix. The biggest and most obvious change is the maps - they all bring a much more refined style of gameplay with each concentrating on a particular type of fighting.
65 (Feb 21, 2003)
On ne peut nier que le contenu de cet add-on soit de qualité, mais la quantité fait vraiment, vraiment défaut. Entre une mise à niveau obsolète et une absence de réelles nouveautés, les 6 nouvelles maps vont paraître un peu chères. Sympa mais dispensable.
60 (UK) (Jan 31, 2003)
This is the sort of content that should be made available to faithful customers absolutely gratis, and it's a shame EA feel the need to charge their swelling community for the privilege of getting their hands on a smattering of new missions and models which should have been in the game in the first place. Meanwhile, Digital Extremes today releases a six map pack for UT2003 - for free. Then again, if you're prepared to fork out your hard earned for a patch, be my guest.
Joystick (French) (Feb, 2003)
Pour les fans de Battlefield qui ont fait le tour de leur programme favori, Road to Rome apporte de nouvelles cartes bien foutues ainsi qu'un équipement approprié aux scénarii. Reste que cette extension n'est pas complètement indispensable. Le patch 1.3 corrigeant les bugs et améliorant l'équilibre du jeu sera disponible librement.
Gamekult (Feb 17, 2003)
Au final, cette première extension pour Battlefield 1942 se montre aussi sympa à jouer que l'original, mais assez chiche en innovations et plutôt pauvre en contenu. Les six nouvelles cartes multijoueurs sont très réussies, les quelques véhicules supplémentaires et les deux armées en plus également, mais ils n'apportent rien de bien neuf au gameplay original et ne l'enrichissent qu'assez faiblement. Bien sûr, le jeu en lui-même est excellent à plusieurs et les quelques améliorations apportées aux véhicules sont bienvenues, mais la compatibilité totale avec la version originale (sur les anciennes cartes) et les corrections techniques également disponibles dans un patch téléchargeable gratuitement online rendent La campagne d'Italie un peu facultatif. Un add-on que les mordus se procureront avec plaisir, mais qui ne mérite sans doute pas ses 30€ pour les joueurs plus occasionnels.