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Battlefield 2142 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Battlefield 2142 contains eight unlockable items per class, five general unlocks and three squad unlocks.
The in-game tactical map shows friendly and spotted enemy units as well as silos / spawn points and current orders for your squad.
Heavily armed and armored, the futuristic Battlewalkers can be tough opponents on the battlefield.
One of the quickest ways to get a group of soldiers across the map is an air transporter (or "flying coffin" in some cases).
Both factions' tanks include a zoom view for long-range firing.
ATVs allow soldiers to get on an enemy titan without the need of an air transporter by launching in a pod.
The scorecard gives details about achieved points, kills and losses during the ongoing round.
The lovely view of an exploding enemy titan.
Intro cutscene - world is turning to snow and ice
Intro cutscene
Intro - Titans in battle
Player profile - Rank/Progress
Fall of Berlin map load description
Playing as commander top down - UAV to help the troops on the ground
Playing as commander top down - Orbital strike on enemy troops
Battle Walker L-5 Riesig top turret
In game equipment unlock tree
Battle round complete stats
Battle round complete stats continued
Titan game mode - promotion while taking a missile silo
Titan mode game victory
Shooting at enemy Titan with ground AA gun
Aboard air transport headed for Titan drop off
Defending our Titan which has been boarded by enemy
Our Titan core has been breached - this is our last stand all weapons on the entrance door
Enemy has destroyed the Titan core it is going critical
Titan mode game defeat