Battlefield 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Single player mission
The Battlelog interface
Picking a class. You can see your soldier, his gear, and camouflage.
Applying blue camouflage
The Battlelog server browser
Like it or not, the Killcam from Bad Company 2 is back.
You get more points for helping your squad, you also get ribbons for contributing to the team. Go team!
Machine guns can be mounted for accuracy, or just to overlook a battle below.
Like in past Battlefield games, it tallies your points and rewards you for getting headshots and the like.
Knives no longer kill instantly from all directions, but if you sneak up on a poor schmuck you can get an instant stealth kill.
Single player game start on metro train
Single player flashback to past mission
Single player - stick with the guy with FOLLOW over his head
Single player rocket shot taking down a building
Operation Firestorm map US game start
Sniping from long range
Damavand Peak - Destroyed enemy tank saving a teammate gaining a Savior Ribbon
Ranking up during mission in game
Destroying a US M1 Abrams Tank defending our flag with the fixed 9M133 Kornet Launcher
Seine Crossing - Getting hammered from above... notice the smoke trail
The enemy has a player that has unlocked mortars
Noshahr Canals - Using the AA canon on the ship shooting down choppers and jets. Gaining a ribbon for my latest kill.