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Advertising Blurbs

TalonSoft website:
    "Battleground: Waterloo will show you more than a simple look at a battle- it will show you how a wargame can do almost everything right." - Gamespot

    June 18th,1815-Waterloo, Belgium The Allied armies, under the command of England's Duke of Wellington and Prussia's Field Marshall Blucher, could not stop Napoleon two days before at the twin battles of Ligny and Quatre-Bras. The Duke has decided to make one last stand against Napoleon at the hamlet of Waterloo.

    Can you turn Napoleon's ultimate defeat into glorious victory? Will the Prussians arrive in time - or perhaps not at all? What if Grouchy arrives to reinforce Napoleon?

    Now the award-winning Battleground series brings history's greatest battle to life like never before! You are in command of Napoleon's "Grande Armee", where command decisions will decide the fate of Europe!

    Special Features:

    · Elegant, effortless Windows Interface

    · Easy to learn, hard to master!

    · Stunning Battleview 3-D graphics system

    · Play the French forces of Napoleon or the Allied armies of Wellington and Blucher

    · Human vs. Computer, Head-to-Head via modem, or Play-by-E-mail

    · Vivid sound effects and music

    · Richly rewarding Historical content

    · Variable Command Features - control some or all of your army

    This game contains: Realistic Violence

    Contributed by POMAH (62464) on Jun 14, 2002.