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At this point, I simply have to admit my bias. It may be that I simply become more and more comfortable (and more and more pleased) with the BG system. With more aggressive AI, more fascinating music and more interesting scenarios, I just can't stop playing. To me, SHILOH is the best in an already excellent series. Taken from a reviewer who prefers Napoleonic battlefields to ACW killing grounds, that should say something. The BG series is special and getting more so.
GameSpot (May 02, 1997)
The latest update fixes several minor flaws in the game. One welcome improvement would be the reporting of individual casualties - killed, wounded, and missing. The game currently lists casualties in 25-man increments, leading to questionable all-or-nothing skirmishes. Other than this, Battleground: Shiloh gets outstanding marks for both its content and style. If you like wargames, you'll like this. If you like Civil War games, you'll love it.
Another excellent effort from Talonsoft, Battleground: Shiloh is a well-researched, well-done re-creation of one of the American Civil War's most famous battles. There's not much to dislike about the game, although replay is hampered by the lack of any kind of scenario editor and the narrowness of the game's subject. On the average, casualties are a bit high as well, but this is not something that is new to computer-based wargames. However, Shiloh is definitely worth taking a look at.
While the full Shiloh scenario (and some of the longer subsets, and alternate history scenarios) are still huge, they're not quite as long as either Gettysburg or Waterloo, and don't seem as quite as overwhelming (for example, in the full Shiloh campaign I have underway, I'm not getting the feeling of "counter-pushing" I had with the earlier games; perhaps this just means I'm learning!). Despite this, I like the shorter games, and therefore praise TalonSoft for including the two smaller battles; you can now complete an entire battle in an evening easily, something this busy gamer really appreciates. In fact, I encourage TalonSoft to consider releasing a game composed entirely of such smaller battles.
PC Gamer UK (Dec, 1996)
Nevertheless, BG Shiloh is another huge wargaming affair and is undoubtedly the best way to recreate the table top experience if you're short of 10,000 painted miniatures and a scaled relief model of West Tennessee.
PC Games (Nov, 1996)
While not exactly groundbreaking, Shiloh's enhanced AI and multiplayer options make it a must-buy for Battleground vets and anyone interested in the Civil War.
Ich kann verstehen, daß kleine Entwickler wie Talon Soft ein einmal erstelltes Programmgerüst immer wieder verwenden - das schont Ressourcen und hilft, die Miete zu bezahlen. Aber wie bei anderen Beispielen dieser Art (ich denke an die "Dawn Patrol"-Ableger von Rowan) geht irgendwann der Spielspaß flöten. Natürlich, auch in Battleground Shiloh gibt es wieder einige Änderungen im Detail. Aber wegen den beiden popeligen Schiffchen und 16 neuen Szenarios nochmal voll in die Tasche greifen?
Power Play (Sep, 1996)
War “Waterloo“ aufgrund des europäischen und selten behandelten Szenarios noch interessant, bietet “Shiloh“ lediglich eine neue Auflage der Battleground-Engine mit unwesentlichen Verbesserungen. Ein weiteres Mal kämpft Ihr Euch durch den hierzulande unpopulären Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg, dessen bekannteste Schlacht um Gettysburg ohnehin schon im zweiten Teil der Serie abgefeiert wurde. Diesmal dürft Ihr zwar mit kanonenbewehrten Raddampfern auch von der Küste aus zuschlagen, was den ansonsten sehr variantenarmen Truppenteilen dieses Szenarios allerdings auch nicht weiter auf die Sprünge hilft. Die Grafik hat gegenüber dem Vorgänger leicht abgebaut, dafür gibt es diesmal wieder mehr anläßlich amerikanischer Historientage gedrehte Digi-Filmchen mit Karnevalstouch. Mit “Antietam“ steht uns demnächst ein weiteres Mal der Sezessionskrieg ins Haus, erst der „Sinai“ betitelte sechste Teil wird der Serie durch moderne Waffensysteme wieder neue Impulse geben.