Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4617)
Written on  :  Nov 28, 2000

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Mixture of first person shooter and strategy too early for its time

The Good

Easy to use strategic interface, even if it's only first person, plenty of action, decent graphics, good variety of units, good varietyof weapons, off-vehicle sniper mode, interesting premise.

The Bad

Action somewhat repetitive, still relies on a lot of jumping and circle-strafing, quite a few infinite respawn enemies in some scenarios (until you find the base), some hard scenarios really really hard (like the one you need to steal a Soviet flyer).

The Bottom Line

Battlezone is probably one of the few cases where the licensed name actually backfired. This Battlezone has NOTHING to do with the Atari classic coin-op at all. Instead, this game postulates a great cover-up about the true intentions of the space race... Man-kind have actually travelled all over the solar system, and found something we're not supposed to... It's the standard enemies unite to fight a common threat theme (just like Freespace). Instead of ordering units from the overhead view, you do everything in the first person view. Need that sentry gun to go over there? Point there and tell it to go there! You still harvest resources and you have limited pilots (which limits the number of units you can build), and depending on the objective you will have to organize a good defense instead of doing everything yourself. It's a great mixture of first-person shooter and strategy, as you have to consider resources, production, defense coverage, etc. There's even options to upgrade existing vehicles and defense structures! Definitely give this game a try. Just ignore the name, and you'll enjoy it.