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Beasts & Bumpkins Credits

67 people (59 developers, 8 thanks)

Worldweaver Productions Ltd

ProgrammingChris Sterling
ArtistSimon Dean

Electronic Arts Ltd

ProducerNick Goldsworthy
Assistant ProducerRaphaël Colantonio
Intro & End SequenceMark Goldsworthy
Animated SequencesJessica Neerspach, Tina Bradley, Jaqui Odell
Lead Mission DesignRaphaël Colantonio
Testing & Mission DesignLawrence Doyle, Darren Tuckey, Darren Potter, Callum Blair, David Fielding, Darren King
Additional Game DesignNick Goldsworthy, Raphaël Colantonio
Lead TesterDarren Potter
Test SupervisorMatt Price
Marketing ManagerAudrey Meehan
Public RelationsSimi Belo, David Wilson, Karine Dognin, Anne Vaganay, Simone Stoessel, Marc Trennheuser, Niclas Nordlander, Óscar del Moral, Jelle Kruis
Video Compression CodecMartin Griffiths
Speech Compression Codec StreamingPatrick Ratto, Martin Griffiths
Video Art EffectsJason Lord

Ear Audio

Audio ProducerChris Nicholls
Sound DesignerAdele Kellett
Audio ProgrammingNick Laviers
Speech EditingBill Lusty
FMV musicJames Hannigan
Music arrangedJames Hannigan

Noise! Localisation

Localisation Project ManagerCarol Aggett, Petrina Wallace, Trude Olen
Audio Project ManagementDavid Lapp
French LocalisationChristine Jean
French TranslationSandra Picaper, Véronique Viretto, Nathalié Duret
German LocalisationBianca Normann
German TranslationDagmar Geller
Spanish LocalisationJulio Valladares
Italian Localisation and TranslationC.T.O. Spa. Italy
Language Test SupervisorSimon Davison
Italian Language TesterGian Maria Battistini
French Language TestingLionel Berrodier
German Language TestingKai Pacyna
Spanish Language TesterLuis Pinés
UK Quality AssuranceGiuseppe D'Amaro
French Quality AssuranceMarco Mele
German Quality AssuranceMichael Lothmann

Noise! Documentation

WriterNeil Cook
ManualJames Lenoël
Pack ArtworkNoise! Graphic Design
Documentation DesignEdward Du Bois
Materials PlannerLynne Moss
Datasets provided byViewpoint DataLabs International Inc. Orem. Utah
Thanks ToJon Law, Justin Rae, Paul Hughes, Ann Williams, Sean Ratcliffe, Frank Barchard, David Mercier, The Middle ages & little people.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (243677)