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Beasts & Bumpkins Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Briefing for the first mission.
Sometimes you'll receive a letter (in this case: tutorial message).
A happy village...
This screen offers statistics (demographic, consumption, economy) and allows changes for food price, taxes and fines.
Some peasants tend to the fields, while other build new cottage.
Exploring with a footman. I wonder if those mushrooms are edible...?
The dairy farm is stocked with milk.
Nighttime. Your villages will reproduce only when sleeping comfortably in homes.
You'll see not only the birth of children - people age, retire from work, and then...
Treasures are well guarded
Winter destroys your crops, you'd better have enough workers to harvest them in the Autumn. Note how the fence keeps cows from walking all over the map.
Attacking a lair of evil
Here comes a wizard. Note spell interface and mana bar. Is that a gold cache on the left?
Some missions require escorting a certain character to a special place on the map
Plague outbreaks make your cemetery grow quickly...
Harassing enemy village with zombies
(intro) The beast is coming!
(intro) ...but is met with fierce resistance
(intro) ...and brought down... grab yer pitchforks!
Your progress is shown on an animated map.
The topics of jocular cinematics range from imposing castles... Exploding Cow Disease!
Send your knights to the stables to get the ultimate mounted warrior. Apples are used for cider.
Combined arms attack on the enemy village.
That big ball is a prison. Wizard's house in lower right corner.
Exploring the map may yield you a bonus...