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Beat Hazard Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening screen
Main menu
Browsing a local music folder
Slow sections have dark visuals and feeble firing power.
When the beat starts pumping, the results are immediately visible.
A wave of smaller ships
A track has been completed.
Space debris incoming from all directions
Attacking one of the larger ships
Ranking progress
Two power-ups appear in the middle of the arena.
Two ships and bullets from above
Building up the score multiplier
The Beat Hazard weapon is active.
The colour palette is diverse.
The entire screen is filled with flickering lights: instant epilepsy!
When a larger ship appears when the music goes down, you're out of luck.
A blurry haze before an explosion
Bullets shaped as rings
I don't even see the enemy.
The visual soundscape of an electro track
Drum 'n Bass is excellent to keep strong firepower all the time.
The overall track progress is shown as a horizontal bar near the top of the screen.
Those lasers kill you right away.
Overal statistics
Browsing the ranking perks
In-game achievements for the Steam version of the game, using Steamworks
Overall leaderboards