Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 8 - Relics of the Past Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Title screen
The introduction is shown in a comics-like art style.
Percival Q. Jones is driving a car with Ben Jordan in the backseat.
Day One is started in London.
Starting the game in Percy's flat.
The clock in the library shows the real-life time.
Researching the library's database with a computer.
St. Thomas seminary representatives are waiting for Ben Jordan.
Talking with Shamus the bartender.
In secret Percy's room
Percy along with Ben's grandfather is in Sighisoara, Romania during 1926.
Examining the tree's carvings.
Downtown Sighisoara
Talking with the hotel's receptionist. The background is drawn in the style of the hotel of Quest for Glory 4.
Fighting the head vampire at the cemetery.
Talking with the spirit of Simon.
Ambushed by one of the Knights of St. Anthony near the Third Eye entrance. Luckily, Otto is near.
Getting away in a red car with Otto.
Arriving at the railroad station on the way to Paris.
Arthur Jordan is back in Romania in search for the mysterious Sorin Trelles.
A headless body was found in the barrel.
Oh, Zortherus is behind the vampires (do you remember Case 3?)
Jennings is afraid of Percy, while meeting him in the train.
Map of Paris during Day 2
Near the hotel (or rather hostel) entrance
Hostel reception room
A dream about Cardinal Genovese's long lost sister
Talking with the priest of the Sacré Cœur
Solving a puzzle.
Reaching the sacred heart.
Meeting Alice in the crypt.
Near the entrance of the Paris catacombs
Entering the catacombs.
Near the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
Fighting a thug.
Cardinal Genovese is trying to perform the dark ritual.
The best ending of the series
A mysterious secret door
Secret ending