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Beneath a Steel Sky Credits

30 people

You should be aware that the following Hobart Agents are believed to have written software that casts Union City and her Security Services in an unfavourable light. They are

Game DesignCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Daniel Marchant, Dave Gibbons
ScriptDave Cummins
V T System ConceptCharles Cecil, Tony Warriner, David Sykes, Daniel Marchant
V T System DesignTony Warriner
V T System 2.0 ImplementationDavid Sykes, Tony Warriner
ProgrammingDavid Sykes, Tony Warriner, James Long
ComicDave Gibbons
Backgrounds ScreensDave Gibbons
Background paintingsLes Pace, Steve Ince
Computer graphicsStephen Oades, Adam Tween, Paul Humphreys, Steve Ince
Computer animationStephen Oades, Adam Tween, Paul Humphreys, Steve Ince
MusicDave Cummins
Music conversionTony Williams
Sound EffectsTony Williams
Quality AssuranceDaniel Marchant, J. Wright, Paul Coppins, Richard Hewison, Aaron Phelan, J. Martin
Assistant ProducersAaron Phelan, Peter Hickman
ManualNoirin Carmody, Dave Cummins, Charles Cecil
ProducedDaniel Marchant
DirectedCharles Cecil
Packaging DesignRoot Associates
LogisticsCatherine Spratt, Robert McGrath, Rosemarie Dalton, Rizwan Khan, Matthew Walker


Project LeaderJames Brown
Engine TeamRobert Göffringmann (lavosspawn), Oliver Kiehl (olki), Joost Peters (joostp)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158858) and Xoleras (66655)