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Written by  :  Arejarn (5040)
Written on  :  Oct 13, 2009
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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An underrated adventure...

The Good

Seeing how popular the movie: Beowulf (2007) was at the time, it would've been wise to make a direct game based on the movie.

The game has received mixed reviews since its release and it hasn't been seen as Ubisoft's finest. I'm not saying it is or anything, but I also think that this game is slightly underrated and it deserves a better score than 51 out of 100 (13/10/09).

Where do I begin?
The story begins where you (Beowulf, of course) have to challenge your rival, Brecca to see who is the most athletic, strongest and most fit to lead the Thanes in the future. The Thanes will be the clan in which you lead later in the game on your quest to kill the vicious monster simply known as Grendel.

After a slight hitch in the plan to see who can swim the fastest for longest in the monster-infested sea, (that was clever...) three sea serpents show up and fight you on a desolate rock in the middle of the sea. After you defeat all three of the serpents, you are appointed as the chief of the Thanes and the real journey begins.

The graphics are quite amazing, it's a shame that all the major reviewing companies such as IGN see past these graphics and go on about their usual business about this game. There are very few lags and the action in the fight scenes can be sometimes riveting at best so it shows that at least Ubisoft are trying to make a good game. But EVEN a good game has its flaws as well.

The Bad

First of all, there are problems with the abilities you use. For example when you activate your Carnal Fury ability, you put in a high risk of killing allies as well as enemies. But at least this isn't the Xbox 360 where the whole screen goes RED when you activate Carnal fury.

But often you are prompted by a very sinful voice of Angelina Jolie (who is Grendel's mother in the game and movie). In this game, she doesn't quite look like Her movie counterpart as I hoped her to, but at least she still looks okay, just not as seductive as the film version...

In quite a few of the fight scenes, the screen can be bombarded with enemies and you need to make sure none of your Thanes (6 in total, usually) die or else you get a game over screen.

This is where Carnal fury goes really wrong. When you try to use heavy attacks that have a massive area of effect(while under Carnal fury, no less) you can accidentally crush your own allies when dealing with a group of enemies. The other issue that I also have is the camera angles, they often move out of position and can sometimes be QUITE annoying.

The Bottom Line

Beowulf: The game is a typically underrated game and it is better than it seems despite its overwhelmingly negative score. it REALLY is worth overlooking and if you like games that have the same type of gameplay as God of War, then it is worth a try. Also try this game if you have a great amount of patience, since this game will try every bit of it.

This isn't one of Ubisoft's greatest but nowhere near its worst at all.