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ÜberSoldier Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The resurrection of Karl Stolz into a Ubersoldier being.
Escaping from the hospital using only a knife.
Soon you get to use some real weapons.
Ubersoldier's main weakness - this is Maria a resistance leading officer. You can interact with some characters in the game.
These men are your team. Although you don't have any influence on them they do help a bit.
Sometimes air support is provided in order to clear large open hostile areas.
Inside a German factory
Great attention is given to lighting as sometimes it crates a really dramatic atmosphere.
Some German is shooting at you.
The 3D engine of the game sometimes produces almost photo real scenery.
Fighting inside tunnels.
If you shoot barrels located near enemy soldiers you can set them on fire.
A level loading screen
Mounting a machine gun post in the naval base.
The art of a Ubersoldier! And it's about time I receive my next task.
I guess I'll have to wait a long time before this one gets repaired! I'll take the next one!
What??! Did I steal the U-571??! I mean THE U-571??! No it can't be! Here Karl calls the allies to come and pick him up. He doesn't feel comfortable in submarines.
While inside the U571 (!) you get to fire some torpedoes before these guys send you really deep in trouble.
Dum Dum Dum! Another one bites the dust!... err the water. Aboard the U571 and waiting for the allies to arrive you have to take these aircrafts down before they sink you.
Mounting machine gun posts is useful for clearing large and crowded areas.
Well I guess if these guys were for real they would be really cool in clubs and discos. On the game though they are really tough nuts.
The modeling of U571 is a true beauty!
Attacking the bunker! The wings of fury on your side!
Behind every great man there's always a woman.
Using the sniper rifle.
The level modeling is complex and nice throughout the game.
Germans are practical people and that makes the smart. Energiesparen means Spare some Energy! Even back then they have foreseen the huge problem we face today.
It's big fun If you press enter! You'll be able to literally blast whole tanks into pieces!
The ZE-8 factory is one of the last levels and the most difficult one!

Official Screenshots

  • ÜberSoldier Screenshot
    Official website, 2007
  • ÜberSoldier Screenshot
    Official website, 2007
  • ÜberSoldier Screenshot
    Official website, 2007
  • ÜberSoldier Screenshot
    Official website, 2007