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Between Heaven and Hell Windows The start of your adventure.


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Between Heaven and Hell Credits

40 people (21 developers, 19 thanks)


ConceptMatt Dabrowski
DesignMatt Dabrowski
ProgrammingMatt Dabrowski
ArtMatt Dabrowski
MusicMatt Dabrowski
Sound effect mixingMatt Dabrowski
AGAST Engine DevelopmentTodd Zankich, Russell Bailey


VinceMatt Dabrowski
AnnaLaura Crawford
Informative RobeGreg Damiano
Guy in CellAaron Schwab
Robe GuardWilliam Wu
Various RobesMatt Dabrowski
KathrynShiloh Schneider
Island Demon #1David Salim
Island Demon #2Bassam Salim
Train Demon #1David Salim
Train Demon #2Andrew Jones
Passing Grounds Keeper (Actor)Greg Damiano
Passing Grounds Keeper (Voice)Matt Dabrowski
Girl at BedsideNathalie Cursage


PhotographersMatt Dabrowski, David Salim, Adam Ahmed, Aaron Schwab, Bassam Salim, Libby Dabrowski

Beta Testers

Beta TestersUSCS Video Game Quality Assurance Class, Ori Molad, Stephen Hart, David Salim, Greg Damiano, Mitchell Friedman, Eric Friedman, Max Feinblatt, Aaron Feinblatt

Special Thanks

Special ThanksMom and Dad, for allowing me to live in their house and not get a job during summer 2005 so that I could work on this game, Tim Langdell, for allowing me the use of his Video Games Quality Assurance class to test my work, David, for not putting up much of a fight when I wanted his ex-girlfriend as my actress, Todd and Russell, for creating such a bang-up 2D engine, Arkban, for his per-pixel collision detection code, Michael Schmidlkofer, for PathEdit, Marek Miettinen ("marikka"), for FontEdit, Ori, for the help screen music, and for being a great fan, Willy the Dog, for keeping me company while I worked, Éric Chahi, and, Jordan Mechner, as this game was heavily inspired by their work, Everyone who played my last game and sent me encouraging words. It was greatly appreciated, Nathalie, thanks for eveything, You, for taking the time to download and play this game

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (140341) and Matt Dabrowski (222)