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Beyond Good & Evil Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
It was a peaceful morning at the lighthouse --with zen meditation and all!
How do you like a boss fight about two minutes after the game starts? Nice lighting job, huh?
You start in Jade's orphanage. An endearing place, what with childrens' drawings on the walls and little anthropomorphic goats walking around...
The ring-menu inventory
Outside of Jade's orphanage, overlooking the valley
Your first case is supplied by this extravagant-looking client with a retro car
Mission information and map
Navigating your hovercraft!.. A living, breathing world… and propaganda everywhere
...and if the hovercraft wasn't enough, you get to do some flighting too!
Jade is up and ready to kick some ass: fear the tube, creatures!
A brief moment of introspection...
The hardest part was resisting the temptation of jumping out and yelling "Boo!!"
The cantines in BG&E have a population that make Star Wars' cantinas look almost normal
Mammago Garage, with a slightly Middle Eastern (or perhaps Caribbean?) feel. You'll come here often to trade with those rhinoceroses
Take photos of animals for money! Let's see how much this rhino will cost...
It's easy to jump and hang on ledges in this game - following the dubious Ubisoft tradition, many actions are performed automatically
Picture viewer. Looks like this artistic photo of Felis Sapiens is going to fetch some nice dough!..
It's racin' time! Win several races and be nicely rewarded
Switching to first-person view during hovercraft navigation in the Main Canal
Exploring the picturesque streets of the Pedestrian District
Your companions follow you flawlessly and effectively avoid traps like these electric cables.
You can share your food with your friends. This is your uncle Pey'j. What do you mean you don't see the family resemblance?..
Sometimes you have to help your friends…
...And sometimes your friends help you
These creatures nail you and your friends to the ground, so you have to get them off each other
Climbing between the pillars, Jade activates the bridge. Pey’j is waiting at the bottom
Stronger together
The leader of the resistance looks like Morpheus from “The Matrix”... and not only visually
A marketplace at the city
A lot of locations, like this hall of conveyors, are either secret or not obligatory to complete.
What’s hidden in the cases that the mechanical arm is putting in the fire? The truth is horrifying...
Jade’s face is so expressive – it runs through a palette of emotions during actual gameplay
Jade's grief
This shop belongs to a Chinese walrus. You'll buy the coolest gadgets here
Chatting with the colorful patrons of the Akuda Bar. The dialogues are lovely and well-written for the most part
Playing a fun minigame against a shark!..
Throwing the gyrodisc at Agent H. He doesn't seem to enjoy that. Not even in the French version
Taking on a flying creature who is holding a pearl in its claws
In this world you can do things both on a small and on a large scale
In the final segment you get to control all the three heroes