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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (UK):
    The year is 2098. Violence and crime have conquered law and order - streets are no longer save. The old power structure is rapidly crumbling, and a new one slowly arising.

    You take the role of a B-Hunter tracking down outlawed criminals in your high-speed hover jet. Equipped with the deadliest of weapons, you fight your way through the lawless streets.

    Times are hard and friends are few. The police are corrupt and the gangsters rival each other for power. The battle for control of the city is at hand, and you could make all the difference.

    Strap in and grab the controls - there are bounties to be collected

    • Over forty incredible missions in nine episodes, including head to head challenges, search and destroy missions and gang territory disputes.
    • Awesome primary and secondary weapons
    • Fast, smooth 3D graphics, fully supporting 3D acceleration under DirectX 5 or later.
    • Atmospheric city areas, connected by a complex tunnel system, each with its own visual style.
    • Unique hover jet physics, featuring high-speed and top manoeuvrability.
    • Three different hover jets, each with its own specialised control systems.
    • Customisable control and interface set-up, supporting keyboard, mouse, joystick, force feedback and even VR gear.
    • Network support for up to eight players, both on local nets and over the internet.
    • 3D stereo sound system, with distance fall-off and Doppler effects, making the experience even more intense.
    • Fast paced Techno sound track, complementing the futuristic atmosphere of the game.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Jul 21, 2007.