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Written by  :  Arejarn (5040)
Written on  :  May 13, 2008
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The absolute worst game in existence! V.2

The Good

My last review that I wrote about this game was a sloppy, bland, boring review that I wrote in under 5 minutes. I understood the minor criticisms that many people showed this last review.

My only argument was that "every short game deserves a short review". It was also the second one that i added to this site (meaning that I had barely any experience on how to write reviews). But I also know that I haven't done a game review for MONTHS. So here it is, The new and improved Big Rigs review!

As i pointed out in my last review, there WEREN'T any good things about this game... today, i still hold the same opinion.

The Bad

Well, practically everything was bad about this "game". When you start it up, it kinda looks promising right until you see that you have only 4 choices of vehicles and only 4 choices of your race location (if you can call it a race). When I started the race, I was eager to be winning by such a long distance ahead of the opponent.

It was only 10 seconds later when I turned my truck around only to realise that the opponent, naturally, didn't move an inch. If there is a game i couldn't hate more; it is a game which has the main rule that you can't lose at it.

I wouldn't be all that surprised if the staff working at Stellar Stone (the company behind this crap) just downloaded a couple of 3d truck models and pasted them on some "borrowed" 3d landscape... its THAT bad. And most importantly,

i can tell how "hard working" the crew were when they didn't add any collision detection. This means that you can pass through any objects without even a crack on your windscreen. You can also explore the vast land of OFF the map by literally driving past the end of the landscape.

And whats the outcome of this AWE-INSPIRING level? Not another level, not an animation on your victory no, no, no.... you get a black screen with a golden racing trophy and the famous words "You're Winner!" at the bottom of the screen. At this point, I IMMEDIATELY exited the game, uninstalled and threw it back into the shop I bought it from!

The Bottom Line

My previous words on this game- "With no Artificial intelligence to create any kind of competition whatsoever you can't lose! Now what is the most challenging part of a racing game, well, to actually race somebody! Stay the hell away from this game if you know what's good for you!"

My opinion pretty much remains the same up to this point. I always tend to find the brighter side of everything, but with this game, I just couldn't.

This is my reason of WHY i chose "Big Rigs: Over the road Racing" as THE worst game of all time.It wasn't hard, but ´BY GOD, it wasn't easy.