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Written by  :  Mr. Eight-Three-One (1581)
Written on  :  Mar 17, 2014

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The most WINNER ! game ever made

The Good

I thought I had played the best of the best when it came to video games after wasting my entire life attempting to one-up my friends at Flappy Bird, but Big Rigs proved me otherwise. It is an absolute masterpiece on every level. It is such a great testament to everything that makes video games so fun. Why do I say this? It features some of the greatest freedom that has never been explored in the game industry. You thought sandbox games gave you total freedom? Sandboxes have nothing on this WINNER !

From the very start, you'll come across an artistically designed main menu lifted straight from the golden age of the Internet, which we all know is of course the 90s. Then again, maybe it would have been loaded with animations, but that would make it too presentable. There are four rigs to choose from, and five courses...I mean, four, I definitely mean four. I'm not at all trying to say there's five courses listed but one of them doesn't work. In fact, what am I even saying? Of course there are only four courses. Now, it may seem like that's not much...but that's because it's not. The freedom is what makes up for it.

What's this freedom I'm touting, you ask? Well, for starters, you have so much freedom that you can't even lose. Your opponent has exactly no AI. He just sits there, thinking about life. Maybe someday he'll prove that monkeys can produce the works of Shakespeare. Maybe he is a monkey on that quest. In the meantime, you've got some exploring to do. Do you always think physics are getting in your way? No problem; there is no such thing here. You can drive straight up and down mountains like it ain't nobody's business. You can also penetrate houses and bridges, as those pesky things always get in your way anyway.

Oh, but that is not all. You can even drive straight out of the boundary and completely violate the theory of relativity. You rig will go spazzing around everywhere, almost as if it weighs as much as a toy. Speaking of spazzing, you don't even have a top speed. If you hold back and a direction at the same time, your car will perpetually spin with no terminal velocity to stop it. Let go of the direction and you will go flying way across the track, faster than the speed of light (see? There is no theory of relativity!). Oh, it gets better; let go of the back key and you stop dead in your tracks. Momentum won't ruin my day around here!

Oh, but that's not even the best part. When you finish a race, you are given the most masterful, wonderful message you could ever be given; you're reminded of the fact that "YOU'RE WINNER !" It's enough to give you the most warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside to make you feel like you just aced a test or found Al Capone's vault.

The graphics in this game are masterful, having aged so beautifully. The developers must have spent minutes perfecting the Google SketchUp models that come with this game. The rigs look uber realistic, not at all like plastic toy cars from the companies that try to mimic Hot Wheels. Their headlights are perfectly attached to the back and not floating off, which is especially noticeable if you like exploiting the lack of boundaries. The sound effects accompany the game wonderfully; there is nothing more soothing than the sound of dead silence mixed in with highly generic techno and the humming of a computer...I mean truck engine.

The Bad

What? There's something bad about this game? Nonsense, you must not be WINNER !

The Bottom Line

Must I say anything more? There is no other way I can describe this wonderful piece of artistry that deserves to be displayed in a museum without simply saying "YOU'RE WINNER !"