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Big Thinkers!: Kindergarten Credits

90 people (89 developers, 1 thanks)

Big Thinkers Kindergarten

ProducerJonathon Maier
Interactive DesignJonathon Maier
Project Leader: ProgrammingRobert McAuliffe
Project Leader: ArtScott Norris
Associate ProducerDenise Heimel
Dialog written byStuart Drexler
ProgrammingDay Evans, Paige C. Watson, Laren Crawford, Eric Gross, Dolores Carney, Devin Hurd
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
Additional ProgrammingNicholas Sutton, Patrick Wylie
Animation LeadJames Bradrick
Paper AnimationTom Verre, Ken Nuebert, Theron Benson, Rhonda Conley, Kathy Anderson
Background ArtMark Lautenbach, Leslie Beaber, Derek McCaughan
Music Composed byScott Lloyd Shelly
Additional Music Composed byDevin Hurd
Big Thinkers Theme SongStuart Drexler (Lyrics), Scott Lloyd Shelly (Music)
Lead Click Point ArtistErik Haldi
Click Point ArtistsColin Odell, Jason Ghazimorad, Mike Denlinger, Mark Lautenbach, Greg Griffith
Sound Effects ProgrammingDevin Hurd
Additional Sound Effects ProgrammingEric Gross, Dolores Carney, Laren Crawford, Paige C. Watson, Day Evans
Lead Ink and Paint Craig Hardin
Digital Ink and PaintEthan Walker, Ginger Lee McCurtain, Becky Hard, Jay Prochaska, Rick Altergott, Armando Alvarez, Brandy Latta, Gary Brooks, Josh Foreman, Richard Albritton
QA Test Lead Glory Evans
TestersShannon Hill, Mark Sundlie, Sandra G. Rumsey, Susan Mohn, Cullen Hadersburger, Eric Fjellanger, Shanti Escovedo, Todd Lyons, Emily Mannon
Additional TestersZenon Thornton, Bob Lenth, Patricia Bradley-Bunn, Michael M. Gilbrough, Marcus King, Brian Moore, Elizabeth McClean, Eric Rosko, Eric Elders, Sharon Evans, Matthew Skau
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsRachel Frost, Mary Anne Avery, Andrew Brinkworth, Albert C. Clementi, Oanh Pham, Steven Rowse, Jamie M. Wilkens, Maren S. Patterson
System Programming Ron Gilbert, Jason King
Macintosh Game System Scott Warren, Peter Crayne
Help File Written by Ingrid Sutherland
Audio Engineer Gary Littell
Featuring the Voices of Michael C. Schapiro (as Ben), Karen Kay Cody (as Becky)
Additional Voice Talent by Neil Nigel, Kit Harris
Interactive Design Consulation Russell Ginns
Teacher EvaluatorsLeigh Thorsteinson, Peter Mohn, Sally Barrett, Michele Flannell, Julie Ann L. Sparks
This game is dedicated to the memory ofBret Barrett
SmartStar WranglerBuddy Benderflex
Copyright 1997 byHumongous Entertainment Inc., All Rights Reserved

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Credits for this game were contributed by Constantinos Tsikinis (26902)