Binary Domain Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
It all started with human-like robots
Dan and Bo - two buddies at the beginning of the game
You can use microphone to answer thanks to voice-recognition system
Status screen
Now let the action begin
Shock burst powering-up
You can issue several commands on the battle field (not in this particular case however).
Distributing nanomachines
Near-death condition. Use medipack or call for help
Meet new party members
The whole Rust Crew
These robots actually think they're human, and it's terrible
Some giant robots can't be defeated by plain shooting
Often you get to choose party members
This one's down, but it ain't defeated until blown to pieces
One of brief arcade-style sequences
Another huge robot
Shibuya Underground
The Spiral - a nightclub complete with holographic dancers
Picked up a huge gun
Jet skiing
Shop terminal
Hit by a suicide bot
Weapon select menu
Blown to pieces
Hold on Rachel!
Wrecking havoc on a Tokyo highway
Melee combat
That robot's only got one arm left and it is running for a close attack
Cain - one of the best characters in the game and he's a robot
Robot data screen
These ninja robots are hard to hit
EMP grenades work miracles against heavy-armored robots
More than often the choice of the right answer is simple
Blood and guts all over the place.. oh wait - it's scrap metal all over
A place where rejected model come to die
Some missions are timed because the whole place is crashing to hell.