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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - N64 (UK):

    ENTER THE WORLD OF BioF.R.E.A.K.S. with caution!
    If your opponent doesn't kill you, the total sensory overload just might...

    • Choose from 8 F.R.E.A.K.S. Each is armed for battle with his or her own deadly arsenal, including pulse lasers, grenade launchers, stun guns, swords and machine guns.
    • Battle in three story, multi-tiered arenas! Watch out for hazards such as lavapits, meat grinders and spinning blades.
    • Battle alone or against a buddy in an unbelievable 3D world of colour, graphics, animation and sound!
    • You're in 3D space - move your fighter in any direction. Fly around the levels using jet packs and make your moves while hovering!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4667) on May 29, 2007. – Nintendo 64:
    Exceedingly smooth animation, airborne fighting and interactive arenas peg Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. as a pummeling Pak that's a notch above its earthbound competition.

    Each of the eight Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (short for Biological Flying, Robotic Enhanced Armored Killing Synthoid) is armed to the high-tech teeth with bio-mechanical enhancements, including machine guns, grenade launchers and energy weapons. Each fighter has 20 or more special moves. In addition to the standard kicks, punches and projectile attacks, there will also be mid-bout fatalities, instant death moves and mutilations, which allow you to disarm your opponent -- literally. You have the option of allowing limbs to regrow during a bout.

    Developer Saffire has pumped up this Mature-rated game with clever touches. Particularly messy moves may splatter the screen with Bio F.R.E.A.K. internal lubricating fluid, otherwise known as blood. Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. also features excellent training features, including an option-rich Practice mode. During a regular bout, you can elect to have the game automatically pause and give you a hint.

    Most of the spacious arenas have unique hazards, such as red-hot lava pits and radioactive sludge, that can sap your fighter's energy as surely as a blow to the silicon solar plexus. The characters can fly, hover and land on one of the ledges built into most of the nine spacious arenas.

    The ability to fly and fight from different levels opens all-new possibilities for strategy and mayhem, including attacks that can only be launched while aloft. It's this fast and furious airborne action that lifts Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. head and shoulders above your standard tournament fighter.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65731) on Aug 15, 2005.

Press Release - PlayStation and Nintendo 64:
    The Carnage Comes Home Early - Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. to Ship Ahead of Schedule

    Midway Home Entertainment's 3D Fighting Game For the PlayStationTM Game Console and NintendoTM 64 to be Available May 19

    Corsicana, TX, May 6, 1998 - The heartpounding action and blood-chilling intensity of Midway Home Entertainment's Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.TM will be slamming its way onto the PlayStation game console and Nintendo 64 two months ahead of schedule. Midway Home Entertainment, publisher of blockbuster titles including Mortal KombatTM 3 and San Francisco RushTM Extreme Racing, today announced that the eagerly anticipated 3D fighting game will ship on May 19, well in advance of the previously scheduled July release date.

    "Early reaction from the press, gamers and buyers alike has been extraordinary, and we focused on getting Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. into their hands as soon as possible," said Paula Cook, director of marketing of Midway Home Entertainment. "In just a few weeks the world will be exposed to this action-packed mayhem."

    The gigantic arenas of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (Biological Flying Robotic Enhanced Armored Killing Synthoids) are home to the most ferocious fighting ever created for a home gaming system. The game takes place in the near future, where warring corporations use the supreme fighting machines - Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. - to settle their differences. The title features eight highly-detailed polygonal characters, each with dozens of moves and unique attributes. The combatants can hover and fly through the air as they unleash their deadly arsenal of weapons, including lasers, machine guns and missiles, on their opponents.

    Additional features of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. include:

    Interactive backgrounds that can inflict damage Over three hundred separate frames of animation CD-quality sound Rumble PakTM compatibility for the Nintendo 64 Stellar previews of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. have run in the top industry publications for months. The February issue of GamePro exclaimed, "Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. has looks that kill!" And Next Generation Online proclaimed, "Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. stands out from the fighter pack."

    Midway is supporting the release of Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. with a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Print advertisements will begin running in each of the major game publications beginning with the June issues. Fifteen- and thirty-second TV spots will air on MTV, USA, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT and Sci-Fi Channel starting week of May 18.

    Midway Home Entertainment Inc. designs, markets and distributes video games under the Midway trademark for home game platforms and personal computers.

    Midway Home Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a company engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of coin-operated video games under the Midway and Atari trademarks.

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    Contributed by skl (1130) on Feb 18, 2004.

Saffire website - N64:
    This 3D graphically stunning fighting game invites you to assume the role of one of eight F.R.E.A.K.S in a futuristic and carnage-filled duel to the death. Your arsenal includes deadly pulse lasers, grenade launchers, stun guns, and even oversized razor-sharp swords. The combat takes place in large, multi-tiered arenas that are filled with hazards such as lavapits and spinning blades. It's non-stop thrilling action when the F.R.E.A.K.S. are loose!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76308) on Jan 19, 2004.