BioShock 2 Credits

2K Marin & 2K Australia

TeamAaron T. Heuser, Adam Bryant, Alec Fredericks, Alex Boylan, Alex Munn, Alex Muscat, Alexandre Vancomerbeck, Alyssa Finley, Andrea Blasich, Andrew James, Andrew Lackey, Anthony Lawrence, Ben Driehuis, Brandon Pham, Brendan George, Callan O'Donohoe, Carlos Cuello, Casey Dewitt, Casey Goodrow, Chris Chaproniere, Christian Martinez, Christopher Green, Colin Fix, Collin Fogel, Craig Byass, Daniel Keating, Daniel James Lamb, David E. Guzman, David Pittman, David Steinwedel, Dean Tate, Devin St. Clair, Dohoon Kim, Edward Orman, Elden Tam, Eric P. Ingerson, Eric Luhta, Eric Sterner, Ewan Croft, Gareth Walters, Guy Somberg, Harvey Whitney, Hogarth de la Plante, Jacob C. Palmer, Jakub Drobowiecki, James Sharpe, Jamie O'Toole, Jared Skold, Jason M. Glatz, Jay Kyburz, JP LeBreton, Jeff Fisher, Jeff Spoonhower, Jeff Weir, Jeffrey Holton, Jennifer Hollcroft, Jennee Johnson, Jennifer N. Emsley, Jim Ingraham, Joakim Hagdahl, Joel Eschler, John Travers, Johnnemann Nordhagen, Jonathan Pelling, Jordan Thomas, Josh Viers, Justin Mullins, Karina Veronica Riesgo, Karl Burdack, Karla Zimonja, Kent Hudson, Kristina Drzaic, Leon Hartwig, Linus Tan, Liz M.E. Chung, Lorne Brooks, Lucas Aceituno, Marc Atkin, Marc Fletcher, Marc Scattergood, Mario Di Pesa, Martin Jennings-Teats, Martin Slater, Mathi Nagarajan, Matthew J. Brown, Matthew Copeland, Matthew Holler, Melissa Miller, Michael Blair, Michael D. Csurics, Michael G. Daglow, Michael Kamper, Michelle McPartland, Monte Martinez, Olaf Piesche, Patrick Connor, Pavel Elagin, Penny Sweetser, PJ Leffelman, Raymond Graham, Rich Wilson, Richard Jobling, Rinaldo Tjan, Rowan Wyborn, Russell Jacobson, Ryan Lancaster, Ryan Mattson, Ryan Mole, Scott J. LaGrasta, Scott D. Johnston, Sean Dwyer, Simon Eschbach, Simon Keep, Simon Richardson, Shane Trewartha, Stephanie Tran, Stephen Ashby, Stephen Babb, Steve Gaynor, Tamara Sempf, Timothy Cooper, Tynan Wales, Veara Suon, Weicheng Fang, William W. Armstrong, Wistaria C. Clark, Zak McClendon
Associate ProducerJennifer N. Emsley (uncredited)
Additional SupportAndrew Ley, Ben Shore, David Beswick, Des Shore, Don Etgeton, Edward J. Toomey, Jarrad Woods, John-Paul Jones, Mike Safianoff, Richard Albon, Richard Lagarto, Roy Russell, Will Marshall
Special and heartfelt thanks toKen Levine, Jonathan Chey, and everyone who worked on the first BioShock - this game would not have been possible without your dedictation; passion and artistry
Special ThanksBecky Thatcher Smith, Bob Jones, Boris Batkin, Brendan McCarthy, Brett Patterson, Charles Mason, Des Shore, Faheem Dinath, Gene Radzik, Hugh Falk, James Fang, Jeff Sullivan, John-Paul Jones, Jon Heysek, John McCutchan, Joseph Marrero, Kelly Tofte, Ken Lam, Liu Hua, Marcy Lee Catering, Marek Walton, Mark Allenbach, Michael Heilemann, Mike Babbit, Mohamed Musa, Norman Wang, Raphaël Colantonio, Reed Waller, Richard Lagarto, Rob Roudebush, Roberta Pugh, Ross O'Dwyer, Ryan Richards, Shen Hu, Sol Food, Tim Mowrer, Vana Khanjian, Will Marshall, Voann Guilloud, And all the people from 2K Games China
Lead Dialogue EditorJason Kanter
Dialogue EditorGina Zdanowicz, Egan O'Rourke
DedicationsEndless thanks to, Tom Heuser, Jane Heuser, for their unwavering support., And of course to Ben, Matt, Bryan, Annie, Jean Paul, Gabes, Matthew, Shane, Tracy, and all my other wonderful friends and family members! Thanks to Michelle, my partner in crime, for sharing the pressures of game development like no one else could., Thanks to my super-awesome family for all your love and support., Thanks to the 2k Marin [especially Alyssa and Hoagy] for the opportunity to work on the Bioshock!, It was awesome to make great friends and a great game!, Thanks to my family and lovely girlfriend Sonia for their support and patience., Dedicated to my Dad and Kage., Thanks to Marc and Madeline for your love and patience., Undying appreciation for the Best Band Ever., And libations in honor of all the puppets on the cutting room florr., Big thanks to Annie, Xander, Dax, Zoe and Magoo., You guys are the BEST., Thanks again Cassie., Thanks to my mum and dad, sister, Keith and Sue for their support., Thanks to my mates close by and far away, and to BAG and Team Sea Slug!, I want to thank my wife Akiyo, for putting up with my shenanigans., Even though she truly believes that I play games all day at work she feeds and loves me anyways., Thanks to Santiago for always being there and supporting me despite all the crazy hours and late nights., Thanks to Apollo and Jada for their unconditional love and support., Thanks to all those crazy people at [email protected], my best friend Tess, my mother Chris for always being there for me and my father Mall for being an amazing person to get to know. Bestbandever., To my parents:, Dennis Goodrow, Meridith Goodrow, my siblings: Kelly, Scali and Roger, and all of my friends for being so great most of the Time. Oh also to, Ursula K. Le Guin, Thanks to my son Tai for constantly inspiring me and making me want be a better man., Thanks to Jen and our furry compatriots for their love and support, and to everyone on the Bio2 Team for sharing their passion and dedication., Big thanks and hugs to my wife Emily and cutie pies Yoshi and Holiday, Shout out to the Fogel clan for patiently waiting for me to take a vacation and visit., Chris Baker, Thanks to Jess, Emily and Olivia for your love and patience., Also all my family and friends, you know who you are, for still loving me after I did not call., Thanks tp the Lamb family and my fiancé Connie for their support and understanding over the years :)., And I couldn't have done it without team sea slug., Thanks to Kyle, Kim, and Mom and Dad for your support, patience and love; and Annarchy for Ihe LOLs., Thanks to my little bean Charlotte., Much love to Rowan [my teacher; hero and best buddy]., Devon, Armand, Mom, Dad, Xiao Lin, Dick, Lee and Karen., I'm lucky to have such a stellar family, And many thanks to Agent Meatball!, Thanks Rachel and Rhys for your love support and encouragement., Thanks to Emily for her patience and support, Kevin for VVG nights, and to my Test Kit, for covering up the vent on the floor in order to keep my office nice and warm, Thanks Erin for your love and understanding., To Emily our little 'Destructor', always follow your dreams., Thanks Dad for that first game console., Thanks Mom for not throwing it away., Thanks Janece, for puzzing up with all the manias that come with a project of this magnitude., Thanks to the Environment Team for being the best team in the industry!, Many thanks to my gorgeous Ash for all her help and support, my troublemaker dog Cooper, my mate Lee for being THE man - couldn't have done it without you., Thanks to all my family and friends In Red Hook and around the country for all thee support over the years., Thanks to Christine, for your love and support, all of my friends for all the laughs, and to my family who never stopped encouraging me!, Love. The Grubber!, Thanks to Mom, Dad and Elise for the love and support., Thanks to Karla - for everything., Thanks to Kim, my scientist., Thank you Marie, Sean, Strawberry and Mom and Dad for your love, support and encouragement, Big thanks to 2K Marin for the incredible opportunity, Paul, thanks for making the plunge into SI with me., Thank you to Heather, Nathan and Ginny for enabling the re-juvenile in me., You're the best family this big daddy could ever have!, To my beloved wife Claudio, Gastava tonto de você, Isabella Maiah Holton, you are the greatest thing in my life., All friends CA to Sao Paulo., Old VC Crew disflex6., 2k is the best., Many thanks to the USC Interactive Media Division, to family and friends for love and pirate-themed care packages, and to my patient cats at home., May the adventures and delightful absurdities continue. [Lightning bolt!], To my Mom, Thanks for the Navi and someday you'lI get your car back; then I'll buy you that house in Hilo!, Dad, a boat to go with it and Trev, anti-seasick patches and we'll all go get 400lbs of fish!, Love you all., Thanks to my Mom, Pop and brother., Special thanks to Kent Q., Kelly, Patches and of course all of my co-workers at 2K. Thanks to Minjung and my family., Also a tip of the hat to all the true gentlemen who went into the deep., Thank you to Kaylia for putting up with all the talk of Rapture, Big Daddies and little sisters., You are my best friend and I love you with all my heart., Thanks to Athena for your endless patience with long hours and missing weekends and your dependable support., And thanks to all my coworkers for making this such a fun and amazing project to work on., To my family, who knew that Rapture was just a fancy name for madness, and watched me dive in with a smile., And to Rhi, for your patience as I struggle back to the surface., Thanks to Peta, Tahli and Indica., I will never forget this wonderful project, and I will be thankful all my life to Hoagy, CJ, Brandon, Collin, Lucas, Alex, Devin and the whole team because they made the experience awesome!, Also my husband Jorge and my mother and sisters and my friend Kirill were important for their support., Thanks tor Kristine, Mom, Dad, Heather and the rest of my family in North Carolina for always supporting and encouraging me no matter what., To my boys Steve and Miles: hope you dig the game. 53.596 zombies were killed in the making of this game., EJ, Yahn, Eric, Robin, John, Mike, Jess, Matt, Kelly, Q, J‑Mo, Marc, Martin, Alfred and all: Keep it up, I miss you guys. Hi, Minh!, Thank you Mom, Dad, Augie, Pat, Jeremy & Billy for your love and support, Love M.E., Thanks foremost to my parents and sisters Jackie and Caitlin., To all my friends, I couldn't have made it without you., Finally to the incredible team that put it all together., I dedicate my work on this game to my late father and to my incredibly supportive friends and family especially my loving wife and three cats who patiently wait for my return every night., Ammah, Appah, Sen, Oharani Anni and Krisha., Thanks for the support you've given me over the years., Also GO TEAM SEA SLUG!, For, Sommer Beddingfield, Mark Friesen, and the entire Copeland family - thank you all for your continued encouragement and support!, Dedicates his hard work to his sister Sandy, who's the most wonderful, loving and incredible person her brother Matt has ever known., And his grandfather, a Navy Gunner - WWII, who was the definition of a 'Man's man'., Please help. I am being held captive In Rapture., Please contact Rachel and Graydon to let them know I love them very much., Also if you are in NY please send pizza., Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and faith in me., Thanks to Lia, for being my emissary of wooow ditto., Thanks to Ally and Dubsy for being Ally and Dubsy., To Laura - my strength and spirit, the most amazing support structure I could ever ask for - I could never have survived without you - I love you Angel Baby!!, Thanks to Adam and my family for your endless love and support., Privet Mama, Papa, Babushka ii Kot! :), Thanks to Stephanie for holding down the fort., Love ya babe., Thanks to Sharron, Jude and Ada for transcontinenting, patience and support, being born etc., Thank you Liz for all your support and love, thank you Ben for all the walkies, and thank you Fetey for when you arrive., Big thanks to Hoagy. JP and Brandon for the Jump start when I first came to 2K Marin., Big hug to my wife, Amanda Shyera, for the amazing patient and the super delicious lunches that fuel me everyday., In loving memory of Norbert, who made the stressful days a bit less stressful., Thanks to Monica, Carolyn, Richard and Evan for everything., Lorna, thanks for all the encouragement, patience and understanding you showed me while I shipped myself off to California to make this game., I love you babe., To Bill for shaping me, everyone and anyone who has ever helped me, Big M for keeping me sane, hoops for my mind and a little dove for waking me up., Giant thanks to Paddington Socks, Ben L., Kirill, Duke, Lewis, the Turkish Mage, Clifford R. Smith, my mother Wendy, my father Robin, and my awesome brother Lachlan., To my parents, Johnny Tran, Nary Tran, Rebecca Tran, Thomas Vu, Thomas Ngo, Emily Ngo, Kimberly Ngo, Nick Callegari, Sameh Kamel, for all the support and late night gaming sessions., To my beloved wife, Jamie Babb, for her understanding and love, my wonderful children, Monica Armijo, Bryan Quinn, Kyle Babb, Andrea Babb, My Father and Mother for all their love and support!, Jon Stevens, To Rachel, thank you for being there always., To the brave men and women who've made the games I've loved, thank you for all the amazing places I've gone and people I've seen., As support staff to an amazing team - shout out to team Sea Slug for their tireless hours., Full of pride for MS. Personally - special thanks to EO & caffees., Also JP, RL & the witchbird., Thanks to everyone that has made life and working in games awesome., You are the best!, Thanks to my family and friends for the best year I have ever had., Also thanks, Bong Ny, for making me an uncle., Thanks to Ying and Kevin for your support and patience., Love and appreciation to my rockstar husband Brian, who has supported me in every way, my dad Quentin for the Inspiration, and my family and friends whom I hope to be seeing much more!, Thanks to Lulu for all her wit; wisdom; kindness and love, which got me through many long nights and stressful days, and to all the Rannles for their support; friendship and amazing strength. Keep fighting!, Apollo, Baku, Bella, Bella, Champion Cairnbawn, Ben Nevis, Jack, Luna, Magoo, Navajo, Opal, Pancake, Sabre, Schatzl and Sissy.

2K China

TeamCai Su Xian, Chen Qiang Pan, Cheng Qiang, Cui Yan Ping, Da Li, Fang Pin, Fang Zhen, Hu Jia Jing, Hu Jia Zhuo, Jin Li, Jin Yi, Julien Barès, Justin Ma, Lan Yu, Leny Liu, Jing Liu, Liu Lei, Liu Wen Qiong, Lu Yu Cheng, Luo Qiong Li, Shen Wei, Shen Yi Xing, Tan Shuai Fei, Tang Yi Fan, Teng Lin Lin, Wang Hui, Wang Jin Jing, Wang Yu, Wei Wei, Wu Xiao, Wu Zhong Qiang, Xu Jie, Xu Juan, Xu Xiao Qiang, Xu Xiao Yu, Yang Kai, Yi Zheng, Zeng Qing Xue, Zhang Sheng Tao, Zhang Xi Kun, Zhang Ya Nan, Zhao Ming Ji, Zhu Min Hua

2K Boston

TeamGrant Chang, Scott Haraldsen, Robb Waters

Digital Extremes

Lead MP ProgrammerJesse Attard
MP ProgrammingChris Seddon, Darryl Baldock, Andreas Eddy Douridas, Gaz Iqbal, Julien Coulombe, Ron Janzen, Simon Orr, Steven Kah Hien Wong, Tomasz Cybulski
Additional MP ProgrammingAndrew Rudson (PC/Downloadable Content), Damien Classen, Daniel Brewer, Dejan Pavlovski (PC/Downloadable Content), Glen Miner (PC/Downloadable Content), Hayden Mulholland (PC), Steve Sinclair
MP Art DirectorMat Tremblay
MP ArtistsFabricio Torres, Hugues Giboire, Joe Grant, Karol Wlodarczyk, Kary Black, Martin Holmberg, Mike Leatham, Vincent Joyau, Yuliya Kostyuk
Additional MP ArtistAvinash Hegde, Corey Hayes (Downloadable Content), Rémy Emmanuel Pappas (Downloadable Content), Kaleb Aylsworth (Downloadable Content), Kol Crosbie (Downloadable Content), Kyle Davis, Mario Vasquez (Downloadable Content), Michael Brennan, Mike Towse (Downloadable Content), Philip Simmons, Ron Davey (Downloadable Content)
MP Art Manager Downloadble ContentCliff Daigle
Lead MP Environment ArtistBrian Noon
MP Environment ArtistsAlexander Ahilov, Andrew Nelson, Joonchul Kim, Lillian Lee
MP Concept ArtistsCraig Sellars, Mike Sebalj
Additional MP Concept ArtThomas Pringle, William Charles Makra
MP Effects ArtistDan Hunter
MP UI ArtistBreck Campbell
Additional MP UI ArtMike Leatham
Lead MP AnimatorJay Baker
MP AnimatorsChiwook Han, Ian Hulbert, Richard Gimbel
Additional MP AnimationChristopher Kniffen, Geoff Crookes, Jason Walmsley, Scott D. Johnston
Lead MP DesignerMathieu Bérube, Allen Goode (Downloadable Content), Tom Galt (Downloadable Content)
MP Level DesignerJoe Buck, Joey Adey, Peter Dannenberg, William Kuo
MP Systems DesignerAllen Goode
Lead MP Sound DesignerGeorge Spanos
Additional MP Sound SupportDustin Crenna
MP Executive ProducerJames Schmalz
MP ProducerLesley Milner
MP Associate ProducerAndrew Stein, Dave Kudirka (Downloadable Content), Simon King (PC)
MP Assistant ProducerJeff Edwards
MP Additional ProductionSheldon Carter
MP QA LeadPatrick Kudirka
MP TestersAlex Lague, Ian Ackworth, Jason Deaville, Jonathan Gogul, Kristine Greaves, Lukas Bayard, Mark Ollivierre, Michael Maggard, Phill Hoekstra, Ryan Marr
Additional MP TestingAlex McKenzie, Darren Horrocks, Paul Oribine
PresidentMichael Schmalz
COOMichael Schmalz
Operations DirectorMeridith Braun
PR DirectorMeridith Braun
HR ManagerKate Roberts
HR Assistant & BookkeepingTanya Deaville
AdministrationDenise Raymond
Head ChefElaine Deaville
Culinary AssistantJavier Tavera
IT SupportJason Murphy, Mark Ruscica

Arkane Studios

TeamChristophe Carrier, Cristian Buliarca, Damien Laurent, Damien Pougheon, Emmanuel Petit, Eric Pira, Florence Lapalu, François Delnord, Joackim Daviaud, Julien Roby, Laurent Barbier, Marco Mele, Romuald Capron, Sébastien Mitton

Additional Support

DiaramasAaron Becker
Additional Dialogue WritingAaron Vanian
Concept ArtAnnie Fix
Additional Character ModelingArnold Ayala
Additional VideoCraig Spencer
Additional Writing & DirectingDanny Manley
Additional Sound DesignDavid Farmer
StoryboardingDavid Gosman
Additional Character ConceptsDermot Power
Additional RecruitingElliot Benson
Additional StoryboardingGasoline Cowboys MC Inc.
Additional Environment Concept ArtJason L. Merck
Additional Concept ArtLorraine Rocha (Le Ber)
Weapons Concept ArtMarc Gabbana Works of Art Inc.
Additional Character & Weapon ModelingMassive Black
Foley RecordingOne Step Up Inc.
Additional Environment Concept WorkOpus Artz Ltd.
Additional RiggingPaul Neale (PEN Productions)
Additional FMVPsyop
Website ManagementRokkan Media
Additional Character Concept ArtSeamas Gallagher
Story ConsultantSusan O'Connor
Additional Sound Effects bydSonic

2K Publishing

PresidentChristoph Hartmann
COODavid Ismailer
VP, Product DevelopmentGrégoire Gobbi
Director of Product DevelopmentJohn Chowanec
Director of PD OperationsKate Kellogg
Director of TechnologyJacob Hawley
ProducerSeth Olshfski
Associate ProducerV. Garrett Bittner
Story EditorWalt Williams
Game AnalystMichael Kelly, Neal Chung-Yee
Production AssistantsJason Silber, Ben Chang, Shawn Martin, Evan Woolery, Dan Schmittou, Casey Cameron
Additional ProductionJason Bergman
SVP MarketingSarah Anderson
VP MarketingMatt Gorman
VP International MarketingMatthias Wehner
Director of MarketingThomas Bass
Global Director of PRMarkus Wilding
Senior PR ManagerCharlie Sinhaseni
PR ManagerJennie Sue
International PR AssistantErica Denning
Marketing AssistantErica Denning
Global Events ManagerKarl Unterholzner
Art Director, PublishingLesley Zinn Abarcar
Web DirectorGabe Abarcar
Web DesignerAshley Young
Community ManagerElizabeth Tobey
Senior Marketing Project ManagerJackie Truong
VP Business DevelopmentKristine Severson
VP Sales & LicensingSteve Glickstein
Strategic Sales DirectorPaul Crockett
Licensing DirectorPaul Crockett
VP, CounselPeter Welch
Director of OperationsDorian Rehfield
Director of Analysis & PlanningPhil Shpilberg
Director of Audio & Video ProductionJack Scalici
Senior Video EditorJ. Mateo Baker
Video EditorKenny Crosbie
Junior Video EditorMichael Howard
Manager Music & Talent LicensingLydia Jenner
Licensing SpecialistXenia Mul
Operations SpecialistXenia Mul
Director In-game Media, Promotions & PartnershipsShelby Cox
Asscoiate Manager of Partner MarketingDawn Earp
Special ThanksDaniel Einzig, Christopher Fiumano, Jennifer Kolbe, David Boutry, Ryan Dixon, Michael Lightner, Gail Hamrick, Sharon Hunter, Kate Ryan, Michele Shadid, Jacob Hawley, Jordan Katz, David Gershik, Take‑Two Sales Team, Take-Two Channel Marketing Team, Seth Krauss, Take‑Two Legal Team, Cindi Buckwalter, Alan Lewis, Meg Maise, Siobhan Boes, Brooke Grabian, Nicole Payte, Concept Arts, Massive Black, Access Communications, Blur Studios, Art Machine, Hammer Creative, Promoguys, Freddie Georges Production Group, KD&E, Big Solutions Group, Rokkan, Merja Reed, Rick Shawalker, Jana Kubanski, Greg MacCauley, Eric Lane, Chris Jones, Dawn Redmann, Jehen Valiente, Gwendoline Oliviero, Hanshaw Ink & Image

2K Quality Assurance

VP of QAAlexander Plachowski
Test ManagerGrant Bryson
Compliance ManagerAlexis Ladd
Test LeadsDavid Barksdale, Lori Durrant
Compliance Test LeadsKevin Strohmaier, Andrew Webster
Senior TestersDarren Miller-Pfeufer, Ruben Gonzalez, Gregor Langbehn
Compliance Senior TesterNathan Bell
TestersAnthony Florez, Armando Preciado, Benjamin Cursi, Bradley Stebbins, Chad Bert, Christopher Hollis, Daniel Jadwin, Eddie Castillo, Erez Haimowicz, Eric Herrera, Jeramey Rund, Jeremy Upton, John Dickerson, Josh Leman, Keith Ferguson, Lauriston Bristol, Michael Castillo, Nathan McMahon, Ruben Gonzalez, Stephen O'Malley, Todd Swerdloff, Tracy Kazaleh, Vincent Diamzon, Will Stanley, Adam Pennycuff, Benjamin Rawls, Caleb Cervenka, Evan Sarver, James DeLeon, Jonathan Redaja, Kevin Skorcz, LaVonce Ervin, Matt Akopian, Philip Gritzmacher, Rodney Clanor, Sergio Sanchez
Compliance TestersAndrew R. Garrett, Marc Perret, Christopher Lane, Charles Ledesma, Derek Bridges, Evan Jackson, Ophir Klainman, Jeremy Thompson, Justin Waller, Davis Krieghoff
IT AdministratorJay Ruiz
Mastering Lab TechniciansMadeleine St. Marie, Todd Ingram

2K International

General ManagerNeil Ralley
International Marketing ManagerLia Tsele
International Product ManagerWarner Guinée
International PR ManagerEmily Britt
Licensing DirectorClaire Roberts
Web Content ManagerMartin Moore
International Marketing AssistantTom East
International PR AssistantTom East
International ProducerSajjad Majid
International Associate ProducerMark Ward
Localization ManagerScott Morrow
Assistant Localisation ManagerArsenio Formoso
External Localisation TeamsAround the Word, Coda Entertainment, Synthesis International Srl, Synthesis Iberia
Localisation Tools & Support Provided byXLOC Inc.
UK Recording SessionsMana Sound
QA ManagerGhulam Khan
QA SupervisorHugo Sieiro
Mastering EngineerWayne Boyce
Lead QA TechnicianJosé Miñana
QA TechniciansAndy Webster, Kristian Guyte
Localization QA TechniciansSebastian Frank, Stefan Rossi, Alba Loureiro, Óscar Pereira, Tabea De Wille, Luigi Andrea Di Domenico, Lena Brenk, Arnaud Lhari, Antonio Grasso, Cindy Frangeul, Javier Vidal Fimia, Pierre-Rolland Pochet, Andreas Strothmann, Tirdad Nosrati, Kirstine Spinosi, Giovanni De Caro
Design TeamJames Crocker, Tom Baker
TeamAgnès Rosique, Alex Bickham, Andreas Traxler, Barbara Ruocco, Ben Seccombe, David Halse, Fabio Gusmaroli, Fiona Ng, Jan Sturm, Jean-Paul Hardy, Luis De La Cámara Burditt, Olivier Troit, Sandra Melero, Simon Turner, Snezana Stojanovska
Take-Two International Operations TeamAnthony Dodd, Martin Alway, Cat Findlay, Nisha Verma, Paul Hooper, Paris Vidalis, Robert Willis, Denisa Polcerova

English Voice Cast

Sophia LambFenella Woolgar
Augustus SinclairDoug Boyd
Brigid TenenbaumAnne Bobby
Eleanor LambSarah Bolger
Young Eleanor LambSydney Unseth
Andrew RyanArmin Shimerman
Grace HollowaySheryl Lee Ralph
'Father' Simon WalesRichard Poe
Daniel WalesGraham Rowat
Stanley PooleBill Lobley
Gil Alexander/Alex The GreatJohn Hillner
Warden Nigel WeirGraham Rowat
BabyjaneCassandra Grae
BreadwinnerAdam Seitz
BruteRick Wasserman
CrawlerYuri Lowenthal
DuckyMarcelo Tubert
GrossmanJ. G. Hertzler
LadysmithSusanne Blakeslee
ToastyMarcelo Tubert
Little SisterJodelle Ferland
OscarChris McKinney
BuckPatrick Godfrey
NalediAnna Graves
Mlle. BlancheStephanie Sheh
ZigoMichael Arkin
DannyJeff Biehl
JacobSteve Mellor
BarbaraKari Wahlgren
SureshJames Kevin Ward
LouieJames Babson
Sinclair Solutions SpokesmanJames Kevin Ward
Additional VoicesRay Porter, Karl Hanover, Morla Gorrondona, Juliet Landau, D. B. Cooper, Sheryl Lee, Richard Poe, Michael Ensign, Fred Tatasciore, Catherine O'Connor, Grant R. George, Alastair MacKenzie, Desmond Askew, Cindy Robinson, Ray Guth, Fatima Ptacek, Laney Andreychk, Crispin Freeman, Robert Pike Daniel, Mullane Andreychuk, Elizabeth Foldes-Meiman

Pacific Ocean Post (Los Angeles, Carlifonia)

ADR Stage Recording EngineerMichael Miller
ADR Stage Assistant EngineerCourtney Bishop
Studio G Recording EngineerTim West
Studio G Assistant EngineerBrett Rothfeld
Executive ProducerSusie Boyajan
ProducerErin Reilly
Operations ManagerDawn Redmann

Heavy Melody (New York, New York)

Recording EngineerAri Winters
Session ProducerNeil M. Goldberg, Dave Fraser
Dialogue EditorMark Kauffman

Pyramind (San Francisco, California)

Recording EngineerBen Bernstein
Studio ManagerMichael Roache
COOPaul Lipson
ProducerPaul Lipson

The Side (London, England)

Recording EngineerAnt Hales
Production ManagerMartin Vaughan

The Base (Dublin, Ireland)

Recording EngineerMark Duff

Western Post (Vancouver, Canada)

Recording EngineerChris Fairfield
General ManagerBrody Ratsoy

Fox Sound Studios (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Music Licensing & Additional Voice Editing ServicesKeith Fox, Emily Seibert, Jake Goodwin, Blue

Motion Capture Studio in Novato

SupervisorDavid Washburn
CoordinatorSteve Park
SpecialistJose Gutierrez, Gil Espanto, Anthony Tominia, Kirill Mikhaylov
Mocap Casting DirectorLisa Cook


Original Music Composed & Arranged byGarry Schyman
Orchestrations byGarry Schyman, Andrew Kinney, Jeff Atmajian, Peter Bateman
Recording EngineerDan Blessinger
Mixing EngineerDan Blessinger
Orchestra ContractorRoss DeRoche
Supervising CopyistAudrey DeRoche
Orchestra LibrarianJonathan deRoche
Violin ConcertmasterBelinda Broughton
Violin SoloistMartin Chalifour
Violin Principal SecondPeter Kent
ViolinDarius Campo, Pam Gates, Marci Vaj, Sharon Jackson, Kirsten Fife, Ken Yerke, Phillip Levy, Jackie Brand, Roberto Cani, Katia V. Popov, Kevin M. Connolly, Miran Kojian, Helen Nightengale, Tamara L. Hatwan, Becky Bunnell, Barbara Porter, Carolyn Osborne, Tiffany Yi Hu, Alyssa J. Park, Henry M. Gronnier, Eun-Mee Ahn, Armen Anassian, Aimee Kreston, Sara Parkins, Aimee Kreston, Sara Parkins, Henry M. Gronnier, Agnes Gottschewski, Haim Shtrum, Julian Hallmark, Charlie Bisharat, Joel Derouin, Marina Manukian, Alan Grunfeld, Kathleen Robertson, Ron Clark
Cello FirstArmen Ksajikian, Steve Erdody, Matt Cooker
CelloRudy Stein, Stefanie Fife, Suzie Katayama, David Low, Paul Cohen, Dennis Karmazyn, Erika Duke, Cecilia Tsan, Dave Speltz, Miguel Martínez, Roger Lebow, Stan Sharp, Trina Carey
Bass FirstDennis Trembly, Dave Stone
BassDavid Young, Oscar Hidalgo, Steve Edelman, Adrian Rosen
French Horn FirstJim Thatcher
French HornJoe Meyer, Mark Adams, Kurt Snyder, Nathan Campbell, John Reynolds
Trumpet FirstMalcom McNab
TrumpetRob Frear, Jeff Bunnell
Trombone FirstBill Booth
Trombone/Bass TromboneBob Payne
Bass Bone/Contra Bass Bone Craig Ware
Tuba/CimbassoRoss DeRoche
PianoBrian Pizzone

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61655)