BioShock 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
The first Little Sister you'll meet in the game.
Welcome to Rapture - again.
That's one of the easiest to find door-codes.
Water + Electro Bolt + Splicer = Fun!
A Big Sister wants a piece of me.
The underwater passages are beautiful.
Yes, I'm playing a freakish girl in multiplayer.
Using the camera to research stuff is also part of the multiplayer.
Tyranick gets a taste from my shotgun.
The multiplayer-levels are as detailed as the singleplayer-ones.
Three Splicers attacking with pistols - fuck!
He was a famous singer back in the 50s.
The Splicer are worshipping Sophia Lamb.
Filming a Big Daddy while he's under attack from Splicers.
The map of the current level - never used it really.
Only a frozen Big Daddy is a useful Big Daddy.
It almost looks like art.
A Brute fighting a Big Daddy - two big ones fighting it out.
That's what it looks like after I've done my magic.
The Temple of the Lamb and a syringe displayed in front. I guess now I know everything.
What the...? Oh, right - this level is flooded.
A Houdiny-Splicer throwing grenades at me.
The lighting effects look even better in the PC-version.
A tonic waiting in front and two splicers dead on the floor - that's how it is supposed to be.
Overkill? Not really - I'm about to order my Little Sister to collect some Adam.
Freeing a Little Sister.
I'm lucky there's a thick window there...
That's one angry Big Daddy.
That's one annoying flying turret!
Another sculpture made by Sicarius.
Even the plants are aggressive in Rapture.
Two Splicers fighting it out.
What's up? I won't tell you!
The end is near.
Finished the research on the Spider Splicer and got a Tonic for it.
This screenshot is deep - very deep.
Hacking a vending machine for lower prices.
Hey Little Sister, your Big Daddy is drunk today