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An ambition that went too far Victor Joseph (9) unrated
They removed the BEES?! Wormspinal (639) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars
Infinite indeed ... Icarus Lytton (23) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (50 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Giant Bomb (Mar 25, 2013)
Infinite keeps the soul of BioShock at its core, but it isn't afraid to strike out in some very exciting new directions.
100 (Mar 30, 2013)
This is the game against which all other 2013 Game of the Year candidates will be judged, and it will take something incredibly special to knock BioShock Infinite off its throne. Everything about BioShock, from the incredible world of Columbia to the engrossing story to the memorable characters to the polished combat system is superb. It will draw you in, mess with your perceptions, and leave you feeling like you’ve just experienced something very, very important. When I offered to write this review, I asked if it could be just four words long. The editors said “no”, but I will still include them here, because my entire point can be boiled down to this simple sentence: Buy this game now.
Destructoid (Mar 25, 2013)
As a game, BioShock Infinite has its successes and its falterings consistent with any suitably complex piece of interactive entertainment. As a story, as an exercise in drawing the player into a believable and relevant world, as proof of exactly what a videogame can mean to a person ... Well, I already said it. BioShock Infinite is damn near perfect.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 25, 2013)
Irrational Games har verkligen ansträngt sig för att få minsta lilla detalj perfekt och då behöver man inte tvinga på spelaren trams som obligatorisk multiplayer för att få sälja extra DLC. Bioshock Infinite är istället ett av de bästa spel jag någonsin har avnjutit, och det slutgiltiga beviset på att spel kan ge precis samma intellektuella tuggmotstånd som en riktigt bra bok eller film. Mitt stalltips är att 2013 års bästa spel i och med detta faktiskt redan är släppt.
100 (Mar 25, 2013)
Bioshock Infinite er helt unikt, og det Irrational Games har klart å få til med dette spillet er noe helt spesielt. Det overgår det originale Bioshock, noe som i seg selv er en prestasjon, men det gjør det også på en måte som er så latterlig overbevisende. På de skarve ti timene det tok å fullføre ble jeg Booker DeWitt, og fra mitt første steg inn i Columbia var jeg bergtatt.
100 (UK) (Mar 25, 2013)
Most of all, though, you'll be amazed that Elizabeth works. To begin with, you imagine she will be someone who tags along behind you as you plunder Columbia for loot and scraps of bonus narrative, but her AI is such that you often find her running in front of you, anticipating where you want to go. It's a great trick, but it's also symbolic, because by the end of the game you realise that you are not the main character in any real sense. She is. She always has been. She always will be. It's her journey. You're just along for the ride. Still: what a ride.
Atomic Gamer (Mar 27, 2013)
So does BioShock Infinite live up to the hype that Irrational Games and publisher 2K generated? Easily. Will it exceed your wildest dreams to become the Best Game Ever Made, Hands Down? Probably not, but I think it might actually wind up being that exact kind of game to some. For the rest of us, know that this game will take you on the full range of emotions you feel playing video games, and it delivers everything with near-impeccable quality and the most polish you've likely seen in quite a while. Simply put, BioShock Infinite is definitely worth the wait and I consider it to be one of the first - and hopefully one of many - must-have action games of this year.
The Games Cabin (Apr 14, 2013)
Bioshock Infinite is a fantastic game. Nothing more to it. It has a great cast of characters, fun gameplay, beautiful scenery, a fantastic, engaging story, and more. It’s the kind of game you could wait seven years for, and after you finish you could say it was worth the wait. This is the kind of sequel games deserve. A definite worthy follow up of the highest rated FPS of all time.
Bioshock Infinite es una obra maestra. Pocas veces se puede decir esto de un videojuego, y mucho menos de uno realizado con tanto presupuesto, donde las grandes inversiones son una excusa para no arriesgar nada. Esto no es un problema aquí, donde los amplios recursos están al servicio de un propósito más alto que cubrir la lista de tópicos que hacen populares a los juegos. Este juego está orgulloso de su narrativa y su concepto, y lo luce sin timidez alguna, invitándonos a su ficción steam-punk para hablarnos de cuestiones sobre al realidad histórica americana. Divertido, grande y detallado, cuidado con una minuciosidad casi obsesiva, Bioshock Infinite ha merecido su larga espera. Columbia es sin duda el destino de vacaciones perfecto si te vas a quedar en tu casa esta semana santa. De hecho, me atrevería a apostar que no va a salir juego mejor este año.
Impulse Gamer (Mar, 2013)
The different areas are not huge areas, but there are enough interesting things in the game to keep a player pleased. Even if it feels a bit limiting at times. All of the graphics and nuances are absolutely brilliantly designed. Visually appealing, just when you thought oh wow I am a bit bored with all the underwater cities…wham the design team throws something so incredibly eye popping your way. Everything is designed to brilliant details. From character clothing, to the architecture of buildings and the molding’s and bits of machinery and piping that seem to have something to do with how the city is staying in the air. It fires the imagination and puts that spark into adventure once again.
Softpedia (Mar 27, 2013)
BioShock Infinite is a stunning game that not only has a great story but also plays superbly with tight mechanics and intelligent AI, both in terms of Elizabeth but also in terms of the different enemies encountered by Booker. It currently has a few technical flaws, but most players won't even give them a second thought. When compared with the original BioShock, it's hard to pick the best game as while they share the name and some of the mechanics, they each have their own strengths. While arguably BioShock 1 had the better story with the stunning twist, Infinite's gameplay is much more refined and action-filled throughout the plot.
95 (Mar 25, 2013)
Il est parfois des jeux qui vous marquent, qui transcendent sans toutefois trahir leur nature de « simple » divertissement pour vous parler plus intimement et vous toucher, et BioShock Infinite est de ceux-là. Servi par un design extraordinaire, soutenu par des combats passionnants en dépit de quelques petits couacs, le titre d'Irrationnal Games donne surtout vie à une grande histoire, magique, prenante et impitoyable. A la fois plus et moins qu'un shooter, BioShock Infinite accroche et fascine tout en offrant une vision d'une rare intelligence, sans concession, sans manichéisme primaire, le tout serti dans un magnifique écrin. Bref, une chose est sûre, ceux qui s'envoleront pour Columbia ne sont pas près de remettre les pieds sur terre.
92 (Mar 25, 2013)
Nein, BioShock braucht die eine überraschende Wendung nicht mehr, weil Infinite von einer ebenso packenden wie vielschichtigen Erzählung lebt. Spielemacher Ken Levine vereint große Themen wie Schuld, Sühne und Rassismus und erschafft eindrucksvolle Charaktere, die lange im Gedächtnis bleiben – allen voran Elizabeth, die ebenso charmant wie gefährlich ist. Ihr dynamisches Verhalten ist beeindruckend, wenn sie Booker beim Suchen unterstützt, ihm Munition zuwirft sowie Zugang zu Geschützen oder Deckung ermöglicht. Der glaubwürdige Charakter dieser interaktiven Begleiterin ist die größte Errungenschaft des Spiels! Hinzu kommt ein Schauplatz von atemberaubender Schönheit, den ich genau wie Rapture in meinem eigenen Tempo erkunde.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar, 2013)
Bioshock Infinite erzählt so kompromisslos seine Geschichte, dass dabei einige Dinge auf der Strecke bleiben. Die Spielwelt bleibt Staffage, die Waffenauswahl ist Standardkost und von den angepriesenen weitreichenden Entscheidungen habe ich keine einzige gesehen. Ich hatte mir vom Shooter vor allem eine grandiose Geschichte erhofft und auch wenn die teils arg verschwurbelt daherkommt, bin ich schwer begeistert. Kein einziger Shooter der letzten Jahre hat es geschafft, mich so verblüfft, so sprachlos, so verwirrt nach dem Abspann sitzen zu lassen. Das bedeutet aber auch: Reine Shooter-Fans sind mit Popcorn-Titeln wie Crysis 3 oder Far Cry 3 besser aufgehoben. Bioshock Infinite zelebriert seine Geschichte, nichts anderes.
Reboot (Apr, 2013)
Sam za sebe Infinite je dobra igra, isplati ga se odigrati i ako volite zanimljive FPS-ove, nemate što čekati. Da se radi o najboljoj igri današnjice, to nikako ne može biti istina - od najboljeg očekujemo više nego mehaniku koja je praktički prekopirana iz originalnog BioShocka i pravocrtne (makar lijepe) nivoe...
PCActu (Mar 25, 2013)
Beau, avec un univers riche en détails et cohérent, accompagné d’un système de jeu laissant beaucoup de place à la créativité en combat… Avec d’aussi grandes qualités, on oublie bien vite ses petits défauts et on se prend au jeu encore plus vite.
Bioshock Infinite is an amazing gaming experience that should definitely be part of every player’s wish list. It looks fantastic, the pace is fast (once you find Elizabeth), and it has much in common with the equally outstanding BioShock, all the way down to the layout of the interface. But it also has a dash of ugliness, a bad save-game system and some other unfortunate problems (not to mention a nasty bug that can erase your progress if the game crashes — take my advice and disable Steam Cloud saving). But even with these issues, Infinite remains one of the best games of 2013 thus far, and will no doubt be a frontrunner for Game of the Year.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar 25, 2013)
Mein Fazit nach elf Stunden: Bioshock Infinite gehört zu den besten Spielen, die ich jemals erleben durfte. Mein Fazit nach zwölf Stunden: Was zur Hölle? Wer das Finale »ungewöhnlich« nennt, könnte den Atlantischen Ozean auch als »feucht« bezeichnen. Infinite lässt mich gleichzeitig baff, staunend und sehr zufrieden zurück – und selbst nach zwei Wochen kann ich nicht genau sagen, welche Emotion überwiegt. Hört sich schrecklich verklausuliert an? Stimmt. Aber das liegt in der Natur des Erlebten; und in einer Geschichte, von der ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob sie überhaupt vollständig verstanden werden will. Bloß eins weiß ich: Infinite gehört genauso gespielt wie Gedichte gelesen gehören oder Gemälde bewundert. Man kann das Finale zu offen finden und das Spiel zu einfach. Legitime Kritik, die für mich aber am Kern der Sache vorbeizielt. Infinite will gar nicht jedem gefallen; es will sein. Und genau das macht es zu einem großartigen, unvollkommenen, beeindruckenden Erlebnis.
BioShock was already held by many as the golden standard for interactive storytelling, and that the folks at Irrational have managed to trump themselves on nearly every level – with stunning vistas, an intellectually stimulating narrative and a supporting character comparable to Alyx Vance and Princess Farah – speaks volumes for the potential of both the franchise and the industry as a whole. Infinite is not only a fine game, but one of the new poster children for the medium's artistic values. I don't retract what I've said about the first two titles, but it's a relief that the BioShock name finally inspires in me the same sense of awestruck wonder that it has bestowed upon nearly everyone else for all these years.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 29, 2013)
Niet de verhoopte instant classic, daarvoor is de combat en het verhaal tijdens de tweede akte niet sterk genoeg, maar toch is het fenomenale Columbia voor ons al dé trekpleister van het jaar.
Games Finder (Oct 20, 2014)
Whether you played and love the other BioShock games or are new to the series you’ll love what BioShock Infinite has to offer.
Riot Pixels (Mar 31, 2013)
BioShock Infinite, что бы ни обещал Кен Левин, — отнюдь не штучный продукт с уникальной концовкой. С другой стороны, до чего же докатилась современная игровая индустрия, что добротный шутер, который не держит игроков за безмозглую массу, подают и принимают как откровение в жанре…
Worth Playing (Apr 30, 2013)
At the end of it all, it is tough to determine where BioShock Infinite stands. As well as Elizabeth is implemented and as fun as Vigors are to use, the counterbalance is that the gun play feels unsatisfying and disjointed. Trading fire with enemies is still fun, but it feels nowhere near as polished as the other game mechanics. Infinite undeniably takes place in the world of BioShock, and it fits into the series. At the same time, the title borrows too heavily from its own pedigree, and it only seems to halfheartedly establish its own identity. The game is entertaining from start to finish, but it's also tragically marred by the unshakeable sense that it could have been so much more and simply got lost along the way.
NSFW Gamer (Apr 18, 2013)
BioShock Infinite was more than worth the wait. The narrative was very fulfilling and lived up to the hype. With three planned DLC in the pipeline and the promise of a new playable character with them, my attention span should be able to hold out until the eventual 4th game in the series.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 11, 2013)
It’s these incredible world-building details that draw you into the experience of Infinite, not the shooting, which makes its predominance a shame. Irrational have made a Bioshock that is smoother to play, but less fun to play around with; built on grander ideas, but less coherent ones. It isn’t a flawless second coming, but its almost peerless storytelling, imagination and attention to detail make it well worth playing. Never mind pigs, when Infinite works, you’ll believe a city can fly. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t soar.
80 (Mar 25, 2013)
For all its flaws, it has an odd power, an insistence that players find out how the story concludes, and even then the voxophones dotted around are worth going back for (Preston, Comstock's ally, in particular). A sense of dread and unease that will linger unless solved, especially where the Lutece family and their sheer oddity is concerned. Elizabeth's strength drives the story, and her insistent search for the truth nicely counterparts Booker's shady past. She may cower in combat – and her attire is utterly ridiculous – but she is far stronger than Booker in the areas that really matter, and seeing her power grow exponentially, her thinking evolve, had me locked in until the bitter end. The finale is sure to be debated for years to come – in both positive and negative senses, but the end of the game is merely the beginning of a cycle: I wanted to play it all over again, despite its flaws. If that's not a recommendation I don't know what is.
Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster.
80 (May 05, 2013)
האם Infinite טוב כמו ביושוק המקורי? כן, אולי יותר מדי כמו ביושוק המקורי. האם הוא מרחיב את הסדרה? פוטנציאלית, ה-Skylines וכוחותיה של אליזבת' היו אמורים לעשות זאת, אבל אכזבו. בסופו של דבר נותרנו עם סדרה של שיפורים מוערכים, אבל מינוריים יותר מבחינת ההשפעה שלהם על המשחקיות, לנוסחה הביושוקית: עולם חי יותר, קרבות מטווחים מגוונים יותר, ובעיקר בת לוויה בעלת נוכחות אינטנסיבית, שהופכת את המסע שלנו דרך קולומביה לפחות בודד ויותר עשיר מהמסעות הקודמים דרך ראפצ'ר. עבור מי שכבר שיחק בביושוק הקודמים, תהיה תחושת דז'א-וו מעט מציקה, אבל העולם, התסריט והדמויות צפויים לפצות עליה.
Though it sometimes struggles to reconcile its genre-constrained combat with its lofty storytelling goals, BioShock Infinite exhibits ambition and a boldness of theme rarely seen in FPS titles.
IGN Russia (Mar 25, 2013)
Мне очень обидно ругать Bioshock Infinite, потому что это редкий тип игры-выставки. В ней хочется посмотреть в каждый бинокль, найти каждый аудиодневник и каждый доллар, увидеть все плакаты. Но это не фильм и не видеогалерея – проматывать скучные моменты нельзя, поэтому очень часто придется терпеть. Временами за сюжетным поворотом следует провал – это может быть занудный бэктрэкинг или битва с одним и тем же боссом три раза за час. Но за последние сцены Infinite хочется простить: такой красивой и обстоятельной концовки в видеоиграх не было давно. Сразу после нее вы начинаете вспоминать: у реплик некоторых персонажей появляется второй смысл, непримечательные события становятся ключевыми, но при этом места для трактовок остается достаточно. Стоит ли она того? Да, конечно. Плохой шутер может быть хорошей, даже очень хорошей игрой, хоть и никогда не станет выдающейся.