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Written by  :  piltdown_man (167589)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2019
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars

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It's free but I cannot recommend this

The Good

This is a simple flight sim and it's free. Being free is probably the best thing I can say about it.

It's keyboard controlled with WASD for direction and SPACE to fire the gun. The ship is nicely detailed, when it approaches the ground to land the wheels deploy automatically. The explosions look OK-ish in screenshots but in the game they are so-so.

The Bad

Where to start? There is so much free music around today, good music, that it's a mystery why the music in this game is so dire. I'm listening to it as I type this, it's from one of the campaign levels and the music is a fifteen second loop that just repeats. It's not that good and there's a stutter when it ends and restarts. From memory, the other levels where there was music were not much better.

The game-play. Well, there's really not a lot of that in this game. There are nine campaign maps but they are very small. There are no instructions but the main objective seems to be to knock down buildings, and I mean skyscrapers, with the plane's machine gun. There are occasionally other aircraft around but they don't shoot back and they don't seem to take damage either.
Hitting the big buildings is easy and they collapse and disappear in a very tidy fashion, hitting anything with accuracy is harder. In front of the plane is a targeting reticule, it's really close to the plane and it's of no use whatsoever because when the player does fire the gun the bullet's trajectory is always way higher than the cross-hairs.

The player has controls for steering but none for speed, so when chasing another plane it's impossible to catch up.

The free flight modes over water and Mars are boring because the landscape is featureless, the only world worth flying round is Terra World which has surreal hills and randomly scattered trees that appear on land, on the beach and underwater.

The Bottom Line

I feel bad criticising a free game 'coz however bad it is it's way better than anything I can do.

Having played this game though I cannot recommend it. This feels like a pre-development proof of concept model that was never intended for general release. There are so many decent, fully formed games out there that this one just is not worth downloading to try out.