Bit.Trip Beat Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Introduction to the first world
Basically you just bounce back balls, but it's a lot harder than it looks.
A sequence has been completed.
Balls with different speed and going to different directions.
Keep steady to return the blue wave.
Be a horrible mess like me and you'll default to the slow monochrome mode... last chance!
A boss approaches
The first boss launches bits of himself.
First world completed
Introduction to the second world with Commander Video
There is a giant planet in the background, as if it isn't distracting enough already.
Bounce back white cubes to start mini-challenges.
My eyes!
The second boss is pretty much Arkanoid.
Preparing for the third world
This just isn't fair.
The game has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to deceive you. Experiment a bit and you'll soon discover the sequence.
Trees blooming in the background
A new boss approaches
It's Pong, but I'm at an disadvantage here.
High Scores screen
Game Over