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Black & White 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The beginning.
Main menu (Spanish version)
A grand view of the starting island.
The two faces of our conscience are guiding us through the tutorials.
Choose your avatar Creature... just look at that little cow!
But they will grow with time!
Grab your peasants and drop them where you need them to work!
A mini-game of rock bowling shows off the game's physics feature.
The Aztecs are attacking the Greeks! You must save what you can...
Use some tricks to slow their advance. All scripted, of course...
The tutorials even offer a PnP feature. If you still don't get it...
The Town Centre offers useful information with a simple look.
One of the few times the UI is visible. Here we buy a new building type.
The Temple. Notice how it affects the surrounding populace's happiness.
The soldiers are capturing an enemy town.
These Norsemen have been lured to us by our glorious city. Accept them or let them starve...
A view of our town
This quest had a spectral army
The end of the quest: everyone is happy and we get tributes (Spanish version)
The beginning of a quest: you have to help them transport a barrel (Spanish version)
Part of a quest: you have to move the post to guide a spy
The creature is building something (Spanish version)
Loading Screen of the 4th island
Wolf Training with trees (Spanish version)
Wolf after training (100% muscle) (Spanish version)