Blackwell Unbound Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Lauren in the portal to the afterlife
Introduction screen
Lauren in her apartment, with the inventory shown.
A family picture of the Blackwell family
The list of cases requiring attention.
The unlockable bonus pictures
Map screen
Joey investigates a building at the construction yard.
A letter written to the foreman.
Dialogue tree while having a conversation on the phone.
An older lady who knows more about the ghost at the construction yard.
This picture may reveal a clue.
Clues screen
A journalist at The New Yorker
This strange lady seems to appear everywhere.
Another ghost that needs to be saved. Joey has to handle this one.
The jazz bar
A picture in the jazz bar, with some bad memories attached.
Outside a small record company
The saxophone ghost is brought to the afterlife.
A captivating scene in Lauren's apartment
Some helpful statistics after playing
Concept art: Johnny Ivory's (concept art unlockable)
Concept art for the upcoming Blackwell Convergence
Early sprite designers (concept art unlockable)
The list of additional music tracks (unlockable)
Lauren and Joey started the evening with a quarrel
This lady ghost still thinks she's in her apartment
Use phone book to find more about the person of interest
Take photos to unlock bonus material
Talking to Dwayne at Jambalaya Records
Your notebook lets you mark key information to inquire about during dialogues
Sam requires a proof you are who you pretend to be
Time to send this ghost to an afterlife
Last stop for ghosts once they accept their fate
Unlockable voice-over bloopers
Unlockable promotional concept art
Unlockable interview with the lead artist
The key to unlock some of the bonus material
Another bonus: an outline of a location from the then-upcoming "Blackwell Convergence"