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Advertising Blurbs

Whiptail Interactive:
    Blade and Sword, the first PC Game title which combines Diablo-like action elements and Street Fighter arcade combat together, ushers in a new era in computer Role-Playing, that of the Action-RPG with amazing action and breath-taking martial arts from ancient China.

    3 Unique player characters, 36 Kung Fu attacks, 12 Super attacks.
    Three chapters with 40 unique levels.
    Forty unique monsters with special melee or array grouping combat AI.
    Customizable Combo Attacks, release the creativity to design your own Kung Fu.
    Approximately 140 hours of game play.
    Full-screen light and shadow effects.
    12 hours day and night periods.
    Virtual weather system.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Apr 28, 2006.

Press Release (Nov. 2003):

    Game publisher Whiptail Interactive goes on kung-fu killing spree with a cut and thrust RPG adventure game released mid-November

    London, November 3rd 2003 - Going for a Chinese will never be the same again thanks to razor-sharp, kung-fu adventure game 'Blade & Sword', which is being released by notorious game publisher Whiptail Interactive in mid-November. Built by maverick developer Pixel Studio, this high-energy game, set in ancient China, will go on sale in all serious gaming outlets across the UK, Europe and North America.

    "Well run me through with a razor-sharp samurai sword," whispered a wide-eyed Chris Warrender, publishing director of 'Blade & Sword' publisher, Whiptail Interactive. "This bloodthirsty slice and dice kung-fu game will give all those Tarantino fans something else to talk about after they have finished fantasising over 'Kill Bill'."

    The game will usher in a new era in RPG (role-playing games) with its mix of amazing action and breathtaking martial arts. Players will be able to fully submerse themselves in the game, believing they are really there thanks to a virtual weather system that provides real-time 12 hour day and night periods with full screen light and shadow effects.

    Players can choose to play one of three unique characters in the game, use 36 separate kung-fu attacks to defeat their opponents, as well as 12 super attacks for when they need to kick some serious butt. Over 140 hours of game-play will keep gamers occupied while they kick, chop, hack, thrust and slice their way through the game's 40 levels, which are divided into three chapters. There are four difficulty levels for those who are quick to master games.

    There are 40 different monsters lurking within the game, each with its own special melee attack to keep players on their toes. If that wasn't enough to contend with, the monsters benefit from 'array grouping combat AI' (artificial intelligence) that lets them work together against you in new and unpredictable ways.

    About Whiptail Interactive:
    Based in Westchester, PA, with offices in London and Spain, Whiptail Interactive is a full service PC and console games publisher focused on North America and Europe. Whiptail Interactive's unique approach to partnering with developers and publishers provides its partners with a more profitable channel to the retail markets than is currently available with any other company. For further information on Whiptail Interactive, please visit:

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Apr 28, 2006.

Back of Box - Windows (US):


  • 3 Unique player characters, 36 Kung Fu attacks, 12 Super attacks
  • Three chapter with 40 unique levels
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Forty unique monsters with special melee or array grouping combat AI
  • Customize Combo Attacks: release your creativity and design your own Kung Fu
  • 100+ game items plus a complete jewel system to strengthen your character
  • Approximately 140 hour of game play
  • Full-screen light and shadow effects
  • 12 hour day and night periods
  • Virtual weather system

    Contributed by Xoleras (66593) on May 25, 2005.