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A very creepy Survival Horror style romp through the Blair Witch Mythology. Sycada (191) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
A real horror experience! Terrence Bosky (5459) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall User Score (29 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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PC Gamer Brasil (Dec, 2000)
Você já assistiu ao filme? Não assistiu? Alugue-o, assita-o e depois volte para ler esta matéria. Nós ainda estaremos lhe esperando! Todos prontos? Então, vamos direto ao assunto. Blair Witch Project ou A Bruxa de Blair, nome que a Greenleaf fez questão de traduzir, é a conversão do filme que atraiu uma verdadeira multidão aos cinemas para o mundo dos PCs. Mas, para surpresa geral, a conversão também ganhou algumas atrações bem interessantes. Para começar a entender melhor o que significam essas pequenas atrações, basta dizer que o time de desenvolvimento foi o mesmo que criou Nocturne. Se mesmo com esta informação, você ainda não tiver entendido, vamos explicar melhor. Imagine que, antes do grupo de amigos ir explorar a lenda da tal Bruxa e morrer de uma forma brutal, muitos anos antes, nos meados dos anos 40, o pessoal da Spookhouse (aquela organização secreta dos Estados Unidos incumbida de investigar e abafar casos paranormais) já havia iniciado uma investigação aos fenômenos.
GameSpy (Sep 25, 2000)
If you like good single-player gaming with a decidedly creepy feel, Blair Witch is going to satisfy you on many levels. With a strong storyline, fantastic graphics, interesting presentation, wonderful voice acting, and engrossing gameplay, Blair Witch is another in a long line of excellent TRI releases. Here's hoping that Human Head and Ritual can keep up the high standards of this release with the next two games in the Blair Witch Series.
90 (UK) (Oct 01, 2000)
Blair Witch: Rustin Parr is a fun game, and one that will appeal to anyone who enjoys survival horror. I'm not saying it's for everyone. Opinions on Nocturne were highly polarized and there's no evidence to suggest Rustin Parr will be any different, but even though it's over and done with in a flash, it's still definitely worth checking out if you fancy a decent romp, and a darn sight better than those questionable Resident Evil PC conversions to boot!
Electric Games (Nov 06, 2000)
I'm not a fan of the Blair Witch film, but the game is well worth playing, especially if you enjoy being frightened. The mood is truly spooky and the Rustin Parr legend is a perfect setting. Nocturne had some bad control issues and problems with pathing on the 3D models, but much of that has been cleared up for this game. There will be three Blair Witch games altogether from Gathering of Developers, and if this first one is an indication, they should be very popular. The games are shorter than Nocturne - about a quarter to a third the length of that game - but priced quite fairly at about $20 US. If you liked Nocturne, you'll likely enjoy Blair Witch I. If you like action games and enjoy being scared, check this title out. Bottom Line: The Nocturne game engine has been improved in terms of control, pathing, and camera placement. The game is short, but priced accordingly. This is a genuinely frightening title that is well worth playing.
ESC Magazine (Oct 12, 2000)
With a gaming engine as beautiful as the Nocturne’s and scares that will have you falling out of your chair (and yes, I did almost fall out of my chair playing this game — I didn’t expect something to pop out of there, dammit!), Blair Witch Volume One: Rustin Parr is a great and respectable game. I just hope the other two developers of the two other games in the trilogy follow the steps of Terminal Reality and create an enjoyable gaming experience. Rustin Parr is one of the must have titles of the Fall 2000 season and at the $20 price you just can’t lose. Now, on to Volume Two …
Terminal Reality has crafted a thoroughly absorbing title, complete with a suspenseful script, top-notch production values, the perfect balance of action and adventuring, puzzles that are intelligently integrated into the plot, and big dollops of atmosphere. The only drawbacks for experienced players will be its linear nature and labored accessibility, though there is more than enough excitement to soothe over these concerns. I love good horror films, and in general have been disappointed with how games have handled the genre. Add Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr to that small collection of titles that have done it right, and bring on part two.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
But there's no point in dwelling on those kinds of points. The fact is this game is incredibly good fun. Blair Witch is really an unforgettable gaming experience for all the right reasons. If you loved the film, you will adore the game. Get it now before it gets you.
Game Over Online (Sep 27, 2000)
The similarities between this game and the film are quite ironic. Both feature nausea-inducing camera work and each is a tad bit on the short side. The similarities end there though, as Blair Witch Project Volume I is arguably scarier than the movie. Where the movie played on the fears and imagination of the viewers, the game isn't afraid to show you what you should be scared of. Zombies, vampires, poltergeists, oh my! But when the curtain closes, the movie and the game share one important quality: both are engrossing entities that are sure to bring chills and thrills to unsuspecting victims.
Gaming Age (Oct 24, 2000)
There are some other minor problems here and there, such as the game being a bit on the short side (but for only $20, it is a sweet deal) and that you can open a door even when Doc (she even does the animation) she isn't near it, but in the grand scheme of things, BWV1: Rustin Parr is able to not only overcome the incredible movie license hurdle, but it also one of the creepiest and most entertaining adventure titles released this year. It isn't often that a game becomes so engrossing that I actually do have to turn on the lights to continue playing without whimpering, but that's the type of game BWV1: Rustin Parr is (even after shutting off the lights, my body was still at full alert at all times). There's no reason to not go pick this up now.
GameZone (Nov 17, 2000)
This is the first of three Blair Witch titles hitting the shelves this holiday season, but the only one made by Terminal Reality. The game is a without a doubt creepy and adventurous. The price is also around $20.00, which is always a great point, especially for a great game. If you are a Nocturne fan, or a single player adventure fan, then this game is definitely up your alley. A 'must buy' this holiday season.
GamingXP (Feb 04, 2001)
Blair Witch ist ein wirklich gelungenes Grusel-Adventure. Die geniale Grafik und der stimmungsvolle Sound versetzen einen so richtig in ein unglaublich spannendes Ambiente. Es wird auch nicht zu dick mit Zombie-Ballereien aufgetragen. Für dieses Spiel muß man allerdings einige Schocker ertragen können. Also, diejenigen, die Horror-Filme meiden und dunkle Räume hassen, sollten lieber die Finger von diesem Spiel lassen, denn Blair Witch ist manchmal ganz schön nervenaufreibend. Für alle anderen ist dieses Prunkstück wirklich ein Muß.
Electric Playground (Nov 29, 2000)
But the first computer-game rocks. Kill the lights, calibrate your monitor, crank the speakers, enter Burkittsville and paint the town red. Before something else does.
Die Story aus dem Blair-Witch-Universum ist unschlagbar spannend - auch ohne den Film zu kennen - und sehr gut präsentiert. Vor allem der erstklassig dosierte Einsatz der Soundeffekte überzeugt. Auf der anderen Seite nerven wegen der Steuerung manche extrem schwere Baller-Passagen, die oft in die Handlung hineingezwungen wirken. Bei Blair Witch tritt das Grauen eben nicht zum Shootout vor dem Saloon an, sondern ist unsichtbar. Angesichts des Preises und der vielen Vorzüge auf jeden Fall ein Spiel, das Fortgeschrittene und Profis als Neuzugang zu ihrer Sammlung anpeilen sollten.
Przygodoskop (Jan 19, 2004)
Blair Witch Volume One: Rustin Parr to naprawdę wyjątkowy komputerowy horror. Nie dość, że traktuje o sprawach przedstawionych w filmie, który zdobył miliony fanów na całym świecie, to jeszcze robi to w sposób absolutnie niesamowity. Niestety, jest to też jedyna część komputerowej trylogii Blair Witch, która stoi na tak wysokim poziomie. Część druga - Legenda Coffin Rock i trzecia - Historia Elly Kedwards, to produkcje o klasę niższe.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
If you're looking for a frightful gaming experience just in time for Halloween and you don't mind a few minor flaws, you can't go wrong with Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr. For a mere 20 bucks you'll get intense gameplay, clever puzzles, and plenty of scares. Just don't play it alone.
80 (Oct 17, 2000)
Sans conteste un très bon titre qui devrait réjouir les accros des contes et légendes plutôt glauques tout autant que les amateurs de Survival Horror, même si ce titre qui en est une bonne illustration n'est pas pour autant le plus radical du genre.
The first Blair Witch game from G.O.D. (there will be a total of three) is rather enjoyable, but could have been much better if they worked on correcting the control scheme problem and made sure that when you entered combat you'd be in a decent vantage point. It's also not exactly the longest game you'll play, but then again it retails for a measly Jackson, and definitely outlasts any of the other twenty-dollar games available. Just make sure to play it late at night, someplace isolated, to fully experience Rustin Parr at its best.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Rustin Parr ist wie ein guter Horrorfilm. Die Blair Witch-Adaption läuft grollend langsam an, wird dann immer bedrohlicher und serviert gegen Ende einen Schockeffekt nach dem anderen. Kinomuffel brauchen sich übrigens nicht zu grämen: Das Spiel ist ohne Kenntnis der Vorlage zu verstehen. Gruseliger wird's aber, wenn Sie Burkittsville auch auf der Leinwand schon bewundert haben.
Spillet er en vellykket blanding af adventure og action, og er trofast over for sin genre, og licensen det er baseret på. Det kræver til gengæld også, at man kan lide genren og er interesseret i Blair Witch-historien. Men er man det, er spillet nok det flotteste, både grafisk og historiemæssigt, genren har at byde på.
Game Captain (Nov 05, 2000)
Alles in allem ist das Spiel ein atmosphärischer Knüller. Wer Nocturne gerne gespielt hat und sich nun für die neue Geschichte von "Blair Witch: Rustin Parr" interessiert, der sollte zugreifen. Das Spiel garantiert einige Abende voll Spannung und Nervenkitzel, wo es gilt: "Löschen Sie alle Lichter im Raum..."
Gry OnLine (Dec 30, 2000)
Oceniając Blair... stanąłem przed trudnym zadaniem, ponieważ jestem fanem filmu i z jego perspektywy ją oszacuję. Grę szczególnie polecam fanom filmu. Nie będą zawiedzeni, ponieważ jakość tego produktu jest wysoka. Jeżeli ktoś nie oglądał filmu lub mu się nie spodobał, może on odebrać grę pod tym kątem. A to byłby błąd, gdyż jest to produkcja warta uwagi – na pewno nie będziecie zawiedzeni!
Aan de andere kant is het verhaal goed en zit het spel grafisch ook lekker in elkaar. Helaas hebben ze de combinatie een beetje verkeerd aangepakt en is het niet echt meer dezelfde sfeer als in de film. Het spel is niet zo duur, want de drie delen samen zijn even groot als een compleet (normaal) spel. Je bent hier zo ongeveer 15 uur mee zoet en de prijs is dan ook één derde van een nieuwe andere game.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2001)
Erg mooi, hartkloppend spannend, maar ook een game die door frusterende besturing en camera behoorlijk wat irritatie zal opleveren.
Game Revolution (Sep 01, 2000)
The Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr is one of the better horror-themed games on the market, but is fatally flawed by some of the worst control on record. Still, its beautifully dark graphics, spooky atmosphere, and intriguing story make it compelling enough to play through.
74 (Nov 13, 2000)
Blair Witch Volume One ist ein gelungener Vorgänger des bereits im amerikanischen Kino erfolgreichen Low Budget Movies. Atmosphärisch und spielerisch befindet es sich auf einem hohen Niveau, auch wenn hier nicht unbedingt neue Maßstäbe für zukünftige Action-Adventures gesetzt werden. Die wegen schlecht gewählter Kamerawinkel gewöhnungsbedürftige Steuerung, und das damit verbundene Gameplay sind leider nicht immer fair und verlangen daher erfahrene Spieler, die munitionssparend und zielgenau ihre Gegner eliminieren. Alles in allem sorgt das Game für ausreichend Spannung und Nervenkitzel.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2000)
Blair Witch lockt mit guter Grafik, einer spannenden Story und gehörig Thrill nicht nur Gruselfreunde an den Rechner. Allerdings brauchen die eine hohe Frust-Toleranzgrenze.
I was actually surprised by this game. Once I realized it was just Nocturne with the Blair Witch name tagged on, I was ready to cut it to ribbons. Fortunately, they did improve a bit on level design and the game has taken on a much more investigative nature, rather than simply being a monster hunt in gothic noire clothing. I was also impressed by the use of more sophisticated scare tactics a´ la Resident Evil. However, the game still suffers from Nocturne’s clumsy control. Also, for some bizarre reason, every single woman in the game sports double Ds regardless of age, role, or general attractiveness. I’ve got better games to play, but if you liked Nocturne, you may like this one even more.
Nix platte Story: Ganz allmählich entwickelt sich die Spannungskurve, immer wieder durch Gespräche mit weisen Schamanen oder langwierigen Untersuchungen unterbrochen, bevor sie durch die nächste Wendung wieder nach oben getrieben wird. Der subtile Horror speist sich weniger durch Monstermetzeleíen, sondern aus tollen Soundeffekten, einer real wirkenden Spielwelt und beunruhigend düsterer Grafik. Wer mit der Steuerung und dem Umherirren im Hänsel-und-Gretel-Wald zurechtkommt, erhält eine intensivere Gänsehaut als in den meisten Horrorfilmen.
Taken as a whole, the game is good. It has a spooky feel to it that only a few games have been able to capture. In this manner, it is actually better than Nocturne, which seemed to be really too heavy with combat to advance the plot too much. It's a perfect (and inexpensive) gift for someone who likes horror movies but has not really gotten into computer games. Hardcore gamers will probably best avoid the title, as it might taint their fond memories of bloodletting in Nocturne. The game earns an above average 3.5 GiN Gem rating, with the caveat that for a nontraditional audience, the score would be much higher.
Unfortunately, the first game in the series, Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr, turns out to be a bit of a mixed bag -- it is sometimes quite scary, but thanks to repetitive gameplay, it's also quite dull at times.
In Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr all the women have breasts that would make Julie and Lara jealous, but for all the game physics I never once saw them bounce. You call that realism?
Stratos Group (Oct 23, 2000)
I really wanted to dislike this game after playing the tutorial mission, as it showed me that the controls had not improved much from Nocturne. But I have to admit, putting up with the controls to play this game is one of the best gaming decisions that I have ever made. This game simply ROCKS!! So do yourself a favor. Brush up on your overactive imagination, and go buy this game. It's bargain bin priced even at full retail and now you can even find it cheaper than that. At around $30, Blair Witch is undoubtedly the best deal for your money on a new game right now.
IGN (Oct 17, 2000)
Rustin Parr isn't a flop -- it's a pretty good attempt to try to translate the creepiness of the Blair Witch game to the computer screen. The darkness and creepiness of the forest is handled like no other game, and the frights, while in no way comparable to your average horror shocker on the big screen, are still pretty successful. Unfortunately, it becomes bogged down in itself in the process, and what you've got left is a brief, frustrating, and ultimately unsatisfactory gaming experience.
This aside, you might put this game in your machine and think that it looks really familiar. Well, you’d be right. What Terminal Reality has done here is dump a Blair Witch scenario on top of its Nocturne engine. Dark and clumsy, it doesn’t make for the best gaming experience in the world. If you’re a fan of Nocturne, you’ll probably dig this. I’m not, so I didn’t. Go figure.
PC Joker (Nov, 2000)
Im Actionabenteuer zum Billigschocker mimen Sie Agentin Doc Holliday. Um den Tod von sieben Kindern aufzuklären, schleicht man bei schauriger Soundbegleitung durch superdüstere Szenarien aus der Nocturne-Engine. Die Licht- und Schatteneffekte sehen dabei toll aus, doch die Animationen wirken abgehackt. Die Waffen im Spiel sind so mannigfaltig wie die Gegner bizarr sind, aber der Steuermix aus Maus und Tastatur ist verhext unhandlich - zusammen mit der unübersichtlichen Kameraführung sind aussichtslose Situationen quasi vorprogrammiert. Und wenn die bereits angedachten Fortsetzungen mit dem Film auch nur den Titel gemein haben, können sie uns auch gestohlen bleiben.
ActionTrip (Oct 26, 2000)
As it stands, although the game has a fairly interesting storyline based on a very popular license, and the visual appearance that would put Veronica Zemanova to shame (hmm, I'm not so sure about this last part), it suffers from a serious lack of identity. It's not an action game, it's not a classic adventure game, and it's not an action adventure. It's a horror game all right, but the gameplay doesn't fit into any of the aforementioned categories. There are virtually no object puzzles, and no devious ways of working the crime scene, while the hostile town sheriff isn't looking. You'll simply have to wait for another scripted sequence that is triggered by a rather simple task of talking to a NPC, or going to a specific location. On the other hand, the action part is just a nuisance you have to deal with before another part of the intriguing storyline is revealed. It's hard for me to understand how a game with such a riveting storyline, and gorgeous graphics could turn out so wrong...
Gamer's Pulse (Oct 30, 2000)
The ideas of the Blair Witch games are sound ones. The back story created is rich and has much game and movie fodder built right in. It is a crying shame that it has been wasted in this game. Somewhere under all the bad lighting, spotty control and crappy camera angles is a decent, spooky game trying to get out. It’s always sad when the mechanics of a game trash a good concept. I hope against all hope that Terminal Reality and G.O.D. look at the engine before going any further, but given that BW2 is already in stores those hopes will go unfulfilled. I also hope the Nocturne engine is retired before it ruins any more games.
Still, Terminal Reality and G.O.D. are to be commended for releasing this groundbreaking game. Blair Witch Volume 1is the first of a trilogy that is to be released for three successive months at a retail price of $19.99. But, just as a friend's most looked-forward-to game, Arcatera, turned into her biggest disappointment of the year, so has Blair Witch for me. The talent is there, as is a "feel" for the product, but if you want to break new ground, then you need to let go of outdated traditions. The gunplay is totally out of place, and the forest mazes are ... well, I've said enough about them. G.O.D. has shown that they are willing to listen to their critics and incorporate their suggestions for improvements. Well, your biggest mark is begging you to decide upon a course and stay steady because this awkward mixture of adventure broken up by periodic actions sequences just ain't cutting it for me.
Gamekult (Oct 28, 2000)
Pour son premier épisode de la trilogie, Terminal Reality signe avec Blair Witch Episode 1 : Rustin Parr un jeu d'aventure/action à l'ambiance angoissante très réussie. Le moteur 3D de Nocturne est ici encore amélioré, plongeant le joueur dans une obscurité aussi soignée graphiquement que crédible. En revanche, la jouabilité, bien que légèrement retouchée, n'arrive toujours pas à convaincre (les combats demanderont une importante habileté au débutant), pas plus que le cloisonnement du scénario, frustrant. Résultat, Rustin Parr se révèle moyen en aventure comme en action. C'est d'autant plus dommage que le jeu aurait mérité le détour si son prix avait été le même qu'aux Etats-Unis (environ 20$) contre 300 Frs chez nous ! Une pénalisation pour le moins injuste...
BLAIR WITCH VOLUME I: RUSTIN PARR is an inauspicious way to begin the Blair Witch trilogy of games. Serious gamers will be put off by the lack of interaction and poor controls, while movie fans who are casual gamers will have a tough time with high system requirements. There doesn’t seem to be much of a built-in audience for this one. That may be a good thing, given its dubious quality.
Micro Hebdo (Nov 09, 2000)
Si le scénario est avant tout une succession bien réglée d'énigmes, quelques phases de combat tombent à point nommé pour relancer le piment de l'aventure.

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