Blair Witch: Volume I - Rustin Parr Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Tutorial Play - Nice shadows
Nice shadowing
Quaint little houses to view
Impressive Scenery
More impressive scenery
Hey, you're that guy from Nocturne, aren't you? Can I have your autograph?
brody in the game
Title screen
You can choose the difficulty levels of both combat and puzzles
Doc Holliday chats with other members of the Spookhouse team (leather lovin dhampire Svetlana and obnoxious git Stranger) before embarking on her investigation at Burkettsville
Holliday chats with the local yolkals about the Rustin Parr murders
No one notices a mysterious presence observing Doc. Could it be the infamous Blair Witch?
Cafe owner Gretchen is possessed by the spirit of Coyote Ugly
As Bruce Campbell would say... Honey, you got real ugly
The townspeople become possessed by Deadites... er, I mean Daemites. Unfortunately, the only cure is total bodily dismemberment. Good thing Doc's got a fire axe handy.
A ghoulie leaps out at you from the camera. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?
Holliday explores the darkened Church at night
Doc should stay away from water if she doesn't want an unfortunate run-in with the Blair Witch's gigantic hand
Coffin rock zombies, demon dogs, twanas, and shadow beasts, Oh My! Doc battles the unholy minions of Hec-aitomix (I don't remember seeing these folks in the movie).
Doc in a 'boss' battle against a giant Scorpion shadow beast
I wonder if Doc 'vivisection' Holliday enjoyed pulling bugs apart as a child, because this bug certainly enjoys pulling her apart.
Doc stands before the ominous Rustin Parr house, complete with spooky lightning. But didn't it burn to the ground?
A familiar scene, no? You might be tempted to buy the game just for this camera angle.
Rustin Parr's house is haunted by the ghosts of his victims, who are now property of the evil that lurks in the Black Hills
Doc has a run-in with a Djien, the Uber Twana!
The Djien may be big, but defeating it requires more brains than brawn. Fortunately, Doc should be well suited for such a task.
Johnathan Prye, the protagonist of Blair Witch Vol III, makes a ghostly cameo appearance.
Native American hermit Asgaya Gigagei is a helpful source of advice for Doc.
Doc chats with Robin Weaver, who we'll meet as a young girl in Blair Witch Vol II. Her encounter with the darkness that inhabits the Forest has unfortunately left her a few sandwiches shy of a full deck.
Nice lightning effects. Doc uses her mad skillz to zap some sense into Kyle Brody
The local Sheriff doesn't like you, but fortunately Stranger shows up to help you with his loaded .45.
Holliday and the Stranger flee from the encrouching darkness known as Hec-aitomix
Showing off Nocturne's dismemberment system to good effect
The first-person night-vision goggle mode. Objects and enemies appear as a fuzzy electronic haze.
Big Head mode somehow takes the menace out of the monsters