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Blair Witch: Volume II - The Legend of Coffin Rock Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

an out of body experience
recollections from a previous life
a dying tree
a ghostly apparition
what are those lights around
Intro: telling the story
Main screen
From a diary of a dead man
Get up, soldier! I'll bring you to my grandmother!
Where am I? Who am I?
Wandering around in the forest
This lamp can help you se in the dark
Taking a weapon (changing to combat-mode)
Interesting loading screen
Meeting the grandmother
She will take care of you
The game begins with a sinister apparition gloating over Lazarus
During his flashbacks to his days as Captain McNichol, Lazarus does battle with many Confederate soldiers
Lazarus encounters the ill-fated Coffin Rock search party at the edge of town. The man on the far left is Peter Durant, who as an old man helped Doc Holliday out in Blair Witch Vol I.
Captain McNichol's men help him battle the Confederate soldiers at the railroad crossing
Lazarus has his first run-in with the sinister blind hermit Steuben
Deeper into the forest McNichol discovers his Confederate enemies battling nightmarish beasts
Lazarus in a boss fight against A witch. Unfortunately, it's not THE Blair Witch
McNichol's men help him battle the evil spectral hands that haunt the creek
Deep in the woods McNichol has another run-in with the Coffin Rock search party
Just like in the movie, McNichol's companions go missing one by one as paranoia begins to set in
McNichol's group is attacked by the ghost of their missing companion, who'se been transformed into a cannibal ghoul
Lazarus encounters the Evil Tree and the infinite undead it spawns
Lazarus' cape flaps in the wind as he swings his saber in combat against the Twana creatures
McNichol and Skunk, the last two survivors, are confronted by the hungry ghosts of their fallen compatriots
Lazarus hides within a wooden hut but finds that he is unable to escape from the vicious hellhounds, including a particularly nasty one the size of a horse
At the scene of the legendary Coffin Rock Massacre, Lazarus confronts Hec-aitomix/Robin Weaver in a spiritual battle for the girl's soul
Private Skunk's growing paranoia and insanity eventually forces a showdown between him and McNichol within the bowels of Coffin Rock
Where's Ben Stein when you need him?
Lazarus confronts Steuben's Schnell Geist form within the hermit's house. Those who played Blair Witch Vol I will recognize it as the Rustin Parr house.