Blair Witch: Volume III - The Elly Kedward Tale Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Loading screen
Talking to a woman: where are all the town's people running?
his door is closed, too!
With this lamp it is easier to see in the dark
Outside judge Jonas' house
Outside the tavern
What are those sounds behind this door?
Fighting with a dog
Strange room
Judge's dining-room
Chatting with Elizabeth Styler, the (other) Blair Witch. Is she an innocent Wiccan and potential ally, or a deadly Satanic seductress? You'll find out soon enough.
Judge's bedroom
Asgaya Gigagei explains to Prye just what the heck is going on, much as he helped Doc Holliday in Blair Witch Vol I.
Talking to the priest
Outside the church
Prye battles a spectral demon in the dark inside Elizabeth Styler's house
In the church
The woods are, as usual, infested with zombies. At least they've got new skins rather than the old Coffin Rock ones from volume I and II.
In front of the hermit Keward's house, Prye faces off against Elly Kedward's demon form with his magic flaming cross.
In the Spirit Realm, Prye battles Hino the hawk/bat/man who wields a lightning staff
One of Hecaitomix's demon minions talks smack to you
Zapping the nasty werewolf with Hino's lightning staff. Tawiscara the dark wolf is essentially just a palette-swapped Nocturne werewolf.
The Demon Plane is inhabited by, you guessed it, demons. Here Prye battles a couple of zombie priests to free one of the captured children
Prye does battle with Baal, Hecaitomix's second-in-command. No, not the guy from Baldur's Gate. That's a different Baal altogether
Prye gets his butt handed to him on a platter by the Evil One, so it's up to Asgaya to give Hecatomix a well-deserved zapping
As Ash would say, Honey, you got real ugly. Styler-Hecaitomix the Blair Witch is quite fittingly the series most ridiculously difficult enemy
Bad demon dog! Play dead!
Uh oh, it looks like Prye's been watching a wee bit too much Pulp Fiction. Don't worry about the judge, he's invincible