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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence
Introduction sequence
Introduction sequence
Title screen
Select a game mode.
Character selection screen
Litchi's story
First fight
Time to start the duel.
Performing a special attack.
A high jump
Rachel-Alucard's story
A powerful attack
Riding a cat.
Vampire throne
Winner's text
The next contenders
A painful fall
Magic seal
Claws attack
Jin is hit by Taokaka's attack
Ice attack
Big tough guy
Carl vs Taokaka
Scratching from the air.
A magic attack
Distortion finish
Litchie gets called 'boobie lady'.
The hit is avoided through a jump.
Powerful energy fire
Intro to a next fight
Air duel
Big gun
Dark energy
Attacking with a stick.
Very high kick
Tea time
Flash blow
Umbrella flight
V-13's attack connects.
Winner's pose
Ground projectile attack
Trapped in ice
Noel puts V-13 to rest.
I can levitate.
Game Over