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Riot Pixels (Apr 18, 2016)
Боги файтингов, если они существуют, любят сильных и стильных – именно такой оказалась CPEX. У нее хватает отличий не только от Continuum Shift, но даже от оригинальной Chrono Phantasma. Можно сетовать на эксцентричный визуальный облик, творящийся на экране аниме-хаос и запутанный сюжет, однако вывод неизменен: сериал BlazBlue надежен, как столетний баобаб, и не дает ни малейшего повода подумать, что где-то завелась «гнильца».
Brash Games (Apr 01, 2016)
Fast-paced Anime theme music and a future-fantasy style UI set the stage before bringing players into the distant future environments of BlazBlue. Excellently executed fighting mechanics and smooth gameplay keep the hype alive, well-oiled if Stylish Type is enabled. If you came for the story, you've lucked out, as a lot of effort went into the narrative and character interactions. Arcade mode is what you'd expect, exciting and gets the blood flowing. In between bouts, there are even short conversations that you can either skip, or immerse yourself with (I just laughed because Taokaka is hysterical).
84 (Mar 03, 2016)
Solisten und Duellanten finden reichhaltige Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten von Training bis hin zu weitgehend sauberen Online-Kämpfen samt Retro-Lobby. Auch technisch liefert ArcSystems wieder einmal auf gehobenem Niveau ab. Kollisionsabfrage, Steuerung oder Figurenvielfalt lassen zudem kaum Wünsche offen, während die typische 2D-Kulisse sich farbenfroh und durch die Bank sehr gut animiert präsentiert. Allerdings zeigt sich BlazBlue hinsichtlich des Zugangs von seiner sperrigen Seite: Wer sich nicht mit dem Erlernen von Kombos und den jeweiligen Fähigkeiten der Figuren beschäftigen möchte, bekommt auch von der KI schnell seine Grenzen aufgezeigt. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend mag trotz der vereinfachten "Stylish"-Steuerung die Massen-Tauglichkeit eines Street Fighter 5 fehlen. Doch so lange Capcom damit beschäftigt ist, Inhalte nachzureichen, bekommen Prügelfans hier ein prall gefülltes Beat-em-up alter Schule.
Held back only by a somewhat poorly optimized release, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend is a fun, deep fighter with lots of fun to be had for any type of player.
GameSpew (Mar 24, 2016)
Even with my lack of BlazBlue knowledge I found BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend to be a complex fighting game with beautiful character and level design, as well as multiple game modes to keep me thoroughly engaged. Gamers who are not as familiar or as interested in BlazBlue’s backstory will not find the story mode quite so appealing, but will most definitely find the rest of the game entertaining for hours on end. BlazBlue freaks will be delighted with nearly every aspect of the game, which features the series’ largest fighting roster yet, several new fighting mechanics and of course a thorough storyline chronicling the lives of all 26 fighters.
DarkZero (Mar 30, 2016)
In short, Chronophantasma Extend is the biggest, densest and all-around definitive version of the BlazBlue series, but the overarching story mode and massive learning curve may put off potential newcomers to the series. For those brave enough to venture forth, this mechanically solid and visually resplendent fighter might just have enough features to make a BlazBlue fan out of you.