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    Blood started it all with its blend of not-so-nice monsters, powerful and plentiful weapons, undeniably awesome multiplayer action, and enough macabre humor to get a mummy cackling. Blood II: The Chosen improves upon the realm of Blood in more terrifying ways than you can imagine, combining a cutting-edge 3D game engine, horrifyingly nightmarish creatures from another dimension, and more blood than Blood.

    Contributed by jean-louis (53502) on Sep 25, 2010.

Unknown Source:
    The bad man is back for revenge in Blood 2: The Chosen. This admirable sequel to the violent 3D first-person shooter from Monolith doesn't miss a trick. You'll find sinister sound effects and the immersive feeling of desperation faithfully reproduced from the original Blood. What's new is a more militaristic theme, a deadlier environment, and a superior 3D engine that tests the limits of MS DirectX. You might grow impatient waiting for levels to load -- even restarting the same level after getting fragged can leave your hard drive whirring. Options support many popular 3D cards and display settings, but you'll need major hardware to take advantage of the higher resolutions. First-rate character physics and realistic lighting effects complement the fast and bloody action. So if you're "dying" for revenge, Blood 2 packs enough nasties to keep you gunning for hours.

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2419) on Mar 26, 2000.