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Blood II: The Chosen Credits

114 people (106 developers, 8 thanks)


Game Concept and DesignJay Wilson
Lead DesignerJay Wilson
Project ManagerKaren Burger
Lead EngineerGreg Kettell
Lead Level DesignerBill Vandervoort
Lead ArtistKevin Kilstrom
Lead LithTech EngineerMike Dussault
Game DesignEric Kohler, Bill Vandervoort
StorylineJay Wilson
Concept ArtEric Kohler
3D Art EngineerBrian Waite
Blood II EngineeringPaul Lord, Andrew Mattingly, Scott Schlegel
Level DesignBen Coleman, David Kelvin, Jay Wilson
3D ArtKevin Kilstrom, Eric Kohler, Brian Waite
2D ArtKevin Kilstrom, Eric Kohler
Scripted ScenesNathan Hendrickson
Music CompositionMatthew T. Allen, Daniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Interactive Music ArrangementDaniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Sound DesignJames Ackley, Boyd Post, Cassano Thruston
Business ProductionMatt Saettler
Additional Lithtech EngineeringBryan Bouwman, Brad Pendleton, Scott H. Pultz, Scott Schlegel
Additional Blod II EngineeringRachel Blackman, Bryan Bouwman, Brian L. Goble, Scott H. Pultz, Kevin Stephens
Additional Level DesignMark Brown, Nathan Hendrickson, Craig Hubbard, C. Wes Saulsberry III, Darren Korman
Additional 3D ArtJason Calhoun, Aaron Carlson, Edmon Carreon, Daniel Davis, Cole Drumb, Oscar Nebres, Aaron Rose, Akika Tanaka, Rick Winter
Additional 2D ArtMatthew T. Allen, C. Wes Saulsberry III
Voice TalentJohn Armstrong, Scott Burns, Drake Collier, Ted D'Arms (Gideon), Henry Dardenne, Krisha Fairchild, Jason Hall (The Voice), Kathy Levin, Eric Mills, Lani Minella (Ophelia and Gabriella), Lynn Rott, Michael C. Schapiro (Ishmael), Stephan Weyte (Caleb), David Frederick White, Chris Wicklund
Additional VoiceMike Madeoy, Boyd Post
WritingNathan Hendrickson, Craig Hubbard, Rick Raymo, Jay Wilson
Motion Capture SpecialistsBill Cass, Simon Wong
Motion Capture ActorIsrael Evans
Quality Assurance ManagerJonathan Stein
Quality AssuranceSteven E. Allen, Ben Chamberlain, Ben Dobbs, Bob Givnin, Benny Kee, Kelly Kristek, Isaac Marshall, Ryan Mattson, Jordan Minkove, Oscar Nebres
ManualKaren Burger, John L. Jack, Akika Tanaka, Jay Wilson
Technical SupportBob Givnin, Benny Kee
Marketing DirectionJenni Gant
Blood II Internet sitePaul Butterfield, Adam Ketola, Spencer Maiers, Joel Reiff
Information SystemsEric Minamoto, Chris Norehad, Jim Totaro, Dan Erickson
Special Thanks ToGareth Von Kallenbach, Glen Maydom, Nicholas Newhard, Andreas Rylander, Andreas Rylander, Peter Susfat, Arthur Lee Williams, Steven Mitchell Studios
ProducerRick Raymo
Associate ProducerMarianne Arotzarena
Product ManagerEvan Stein
Team Product ManagerRobert J Ricci
Communications ManagerLance Seymour
Director Product Development ServicesMary Steer
Senior Test LeadPatrick McNeil
TesterJoe Orr, Jeff Oviatt
Director, Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
Senior Graphic DesignerMichael Marrs
Art/Traffic ManagerLiz Fierro
Graphic DesignerLesley Zinn Abarcar
Graphic ArtistJill Pomper
Manual EditorAlan Smythe
Blood II: The Coosen One Liner Contest WinnersChris Brown, Josh Cheney, David Goldstein, Michael Hogan, Dave Hunter, Glen Maydom
Blood II: The Choosen Suicide/Kill Line Contest WinnersRon Bauerle, Anthony Beeman, Janto Gildenhuys, Jason Kimball, J Perkins
A sincere thank you toAll the friends and families of those so deeply involved in this production. You've been neglected over the past number of months; and your endless support is greatly appreciated.

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10533) and formercontrib (158422)