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Blood Zero Credits (Windows)

Blood Zero Windows Main menu.


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Blood Zero Credits


All musicJames Silva (James Eckhart)
GraphicsJames Silva (James Eckhart)
This readme, and DJ AtariAaron Oefinger (DJ Atari)
DJ would like to thankthe ZSX mod community for showing what can be done with a great open source game, James Silva (for letting me beta test), My monitor tan would like to thank the internet, for giving me something to do in the damn suburbs.
Jim would like to thankmacaroni and cheese, which fueled this game, Aaron Oefinger, who wrote this Readme that I never would've done on my own, my beta people, the Clifton Park crew, the Burnt Hills/Schenectady crew, and the [dying?] VB gaming scene, without which I would have never started making these cracked out games.

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