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BloodRayne 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
What a dress..
Kestrel and her pals.
Aiming Kestrel.
Reloading Dragonpistols.
Rayne at local rave party
Most of Rayne's main enemies are women. Like Ephemera.
Using mounted gun while hell breaks loose.
You saw the blades. What did you think was gonna happen.
Rayne. Bloodrayne.
This monster is Slezz. You can only kill her... cutting her heart out.
Nice makeup.
Ferril. And that's not a costume. It's some kind of living tattoo.
Rayne doesn't appreciate old Vampire language.
Bodies on walls.
There are some bad bugs in the game. But you get to kill them.
Some headless monster.
This thing is very weak despite the looks
...and their beautiful family reunion.
Cowgirl Rayne.
Schoolgirl Rayne.