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BloodRayne Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The obligatory main menu shot.
Rayne, the half vampire protagonist.
The first mission has Rayne learning the ropes from damphir mentor Mynce.
Rayne's wrist blades can dismember enemies in a variety of entertaining ways.
"Aura sense" is a combination of night vision and opponent health perception.
Rayne also carries a chained harpoon to bring her meals to her.
Feeding on enemies is the only way to restore Rayne's health.
After enough warming up, Rayne can enter "Bloodrage" and gain additional high powered attacks.
As if all that weren't enough, Rayne can also fire guns ambidexterously.
The value of any German castle can be improved dramatically by simply covering the floor with a layer of dead Nazis.
Rayne keeps a target list of Nazi officers that she must eliminate as she progresses.
This can't be right. I thought the vampire heroine was always supposed to have the biggest... bloodstains.
"Nein Fritz. Do not shoot. I'm fine. Just let her keep going."
Fresh zombie.... Yummy!
Electrical wires in Louisiana
Hand-blades are useful weapon
Bio-mass nest
Close combat with guns - weakness of the game
Easy execution
Two important targets
Underground nest's defence
Big, ugly monster mommy
Nazis hate me. Time to dinner!
Officer blocks bite- and harpoon- attacks