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Blue Madonna Credits (Windows)

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Blue Madonna Credits


A game byMikael Nyqvist
Creative ConsultantLen Green
ActorsSara Louise Williams (Carol's voice/Stina's face), Bigge (The janitor's face), Gareth Williams (The janitor's voice/Museum manager's face), Petra Lundgren (Stina's voice), Björn Larsen (Jonas), Saad Hajo (Michael Lombard), Urban Lindkvist (Gerard), Eleen Nyqvist (Christina Falk)
ScriptMikael Nyqvist
PhotographyMikael Nyqvist
MusicMikael Nyqvist
Invaluable technical helpJan Kavan
Christina Falk's paintingsOla Öhlin
Michael Lombard's paintingsSahar Burhan
Newspaper article layoutVadim Levitin
Powered by theWintermute engine
Beta testersEleen Nyqvist, Jan Kavan, Vadim Levitin, Stock Tenander

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16884)