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Blue's 123 Time Activities Credits

Blue's 123 Time Activities

ProducerJonathan Maier
Interactive Design LeadJonathan Maier
Art LeadMichael Paganini
Programming LeadsJason Widrig, Robert McAuliffe
Project CoordinatorMary Anne Avery
Dialog Written byDeborah Todd
Dialog Edited byAngela C. Santomero
ProgrammingShanti Escovedo, Bob Bulgrien, Shawn South, Ross McIntire
Sound Effects ProgrammingPaul Briehl, Geoff Kirk, Shawn South
Lead AnimatorBrant Fitzgerald
AnimationLara Y. Schneider, Maria Mailey, Ken Campana, Justin DeWitt
Background and LayoutRenee Leiby, Leslie Harrington
Computer Art and AnimationRenee Leiby, Christopher Miller, Chip F. Beal, Matt Kuphaldt, Brian D. Decker, Steven Rowse, Matt Hawk, Carolyn Blackwood, Daniel S. Thompson
Sculpture ArtTom Collie, Jeremy Palmen
Video Production ArtSteven Sprunger, Brian D. Decker
Educational Design ConsultantCarol Snider (M. Ed.)
CD-ROM Character and Background Designs Supervised byTraci Paige Johnson
Music CompositionMichael Rubin, Nick Balaban
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammingStephen W. Johnson, Steven Magladry
QA Test LeadsSandra G. Rumsey, Ruth A. Lopez
QA TestersKyle Casperson, Jason R. Hamilton, Miene Lee, Matthew Skau, Theresa Robinson, Kevin Collar, Eric Rosko, Daryl Seager
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsTanya Erwin, Patrick Thangsombat, Eric T. H. Olson, Nate Hall, Bob Lenth
Manual and Online Help Created byCarol Snider
CCI Service DogOssa

Nickelodeon Software

Senior ProducerSyma Sambar

Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues Created byTodd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero, Traci Paige Johnson
StarringSteven Burns
Blue's Clues ProducerJennifer Twomey Perello
Director Research and DevelopmentAlice Wilder (Dr.)
Project Manager / ProducerDeborah Reber
Animation DirectorDavid Palmer
Design ManagerSoo Kim
Animation ManagerSoo Kim
Special Thanks toBlue's Clues art; design and animation staff
Additional Thanks toSarah Landy, Allison Gilman, Alison Sherman, Mark Sorre

Studio Crew

Live Action Video Directed byKoyalee Chanda
Creative ConsultantTodd Kessler
Director of PhotographySkip Roessel
GafferCarter Prue
Assistant DirectorJeremy Slutskin
ProducerWendy Harris
Production ManagerMarcy Pritchard
Production CoordinatorSuzanne Molinaro
Script SupervisorAmy DiBatista
Talent and Music CoordinatorKatie McWane
Key GripJohn Theisen
GripPat Heffernan
Sound MixerIrin Strauss
Video EngineerPaul Steigelbauer
Prop MasterLisa Davis
Hair / Make UpJennifer Barnaby
Set Production AssistantBrian Twomey
Office Production AssistantJessica Dowshen
Runner Production AssistantEric Grgic

Voice Overs

Voice Overs Production byCataland Films, Cyclops Pictures and Sound
BlueTraci Paige Johnson
ShovelStephen Schmidt
PailMarshall Claffy
Slippery SoapCody Ross Pitts
Tickety TockKathryn M. Avery
Mr. SaltNick Balaban
Mrs. PepperSpencer Kayden
MailboxSeth O'Hickory
ChickCarly Ann Lycke
Felicia FeltBrittney M. Goncalves
MagentaKoyalee Chanda
Baby BearMaria Sandra Signorile
Cash RegisterJustin Burke
Gingerbread BoyLaura Sweitzer
TinkRoland Michel
BellGemini A. Quintos
Scale OneAllison Paterek
Scale TwoKathryn Paterek
Scale ThreeJacquelyn Dubicki
Voice Over ProducersRichard Perello, Marc Charney
Voice Over EngineersCarmen Borgia, David Alvarez
Voice Over DirectorsAllison Gilman, Amy Starr, Sarah Chumsky, David Burger, Alison Sherman
Production CoordinatorsRita Michel, Tara Henley


Blue's 123 Time ActivitiesCopyright 1999 Viacom International Inc., All rights reserved, Nickelodeon; Nick Jr., Blue's Clues and all related characters; titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International, Software Copyright 1999 Humongous Entertainment Inc., All rights reserved
Based on characters created byTraci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (587606)