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Blue's Clues Preschool Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Blue's title screen
Signing in options
Choose your favorites for a personalized game
Miss Marigold describes the Neighborhood Adventure to Blue and her friends
Here's Miss Marigold's list of places to visit
Joe walks you to each location, even in Blue's neighborhood one can't be too careful!
Waiting your turn in the bakery. Blue points out a shape Periwinkle is asking about
Sorting books on a library cart
You get to choose a book to read!
This looks like a good one...
Luckily, you can click the STOP button if you don't care for the book you chose
Stop back in the classroom and click on the Computer Desk... find lots of printable games and pictures
Heading for the music store
Follow along with Purple Kangaroo
And win a musical note to bring back to class. Great Jam!
Our next stop is the present store
Learning the basics of commerce and consumerism
Counting "money" and placing it in the drawer. Hope our customer is satisfied!
Shopping for the fruit Mrs. Pepper describes
Blue pushes her cart to the next aisle - a big nose comes in handy!
At the checkout counter, bagging...
Back in the classroom with some goodies we've won
Miss Marigold has made a mural using the items we brought back
Time for a song and a good sway...
Bye! See you next time!
Some information about the Parent's Area
A sampling of suggested activities
Curriculum goals for each location